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Korean PlayStation 3 launch set for June

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 11 May 2007 19:26 User comments (22)

Korean PlayStation 3 launch set for June According to a report in Chosun Ilbo, Sony is preparing to launch the PlayStation 3 in Korea next month.
Only the 60 GB unit is expected to be launched and the price will fall between 500,000 and 600,000 KRW which is equivalent to 400-500 EUR.

The report says that once the launch is OK'd by Sony Japan, the Korean branch will initiate an "aggressive" marketing campaign in the country.

The report also said that over 100,000 Xbox 360s had been sold in Korea since February 2006.


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22 user comments

111.5.2007 19:36

Who cares??? PS3 is a POS!

211.5.2007 20:26

What an insightful comment.

Again, the Koreans are getting the burn from the prices... Right now you can buy a PS3 in Canada for $600 which is only 400 euros.

311.5.2007 20:54

it will live to the hype. give it some time... xbox 360 is still whack.. it been out for year and some odd days... and it isnt impressive. but im sure it will get better.

412.5.2007 0:27

dear price and they havent even launched in korea they are loads in front of uk

512.5.2007 1:26

I find this article pointless another article about the ps3 and over pricing and the fact is its not going to make up ground till cost to the consumer goes down.

612.5.2007 6:39

the 360 is amazing...its a slapped together PC with hacked PC games that barely can run on it yet still has a handful of titles that make it fun altho MS dropped the ball on the hardware one to many times its a shame it has spent almost 1/4th of its life span "fixing" itself....

PS3 is over priced and cant make up its mind game machine or media machine the hype for it was also over the top it cant reclaim its former glory without halving in price until then the WII is the world wide king and MS plays 2nd fiddle.

Despite the apparent suck factor of the PS3 or 360 for that matter they will sale well.

712.5.2007 6:58

i reckon that sony should lower the price by 100 pounds then a lot more people would buy it for a fact i would

812.5.2007 7:53

Wow, what an intelligent list of comments this has provoked. I try not to sound snobbish, but seriously, news articles like this make afterdawn sound like a second home for two year olds.
In Korea, the PS3 again has to compete in a market where the 360 has a significant lead, but it depends how well the koreans react to the console. The 360, as an out-of-towner, fared very poorly in Japan, far worse so by comparison than the PS3 did in the Xbox's homeland. Seems the Japanese just don't take well to american consoles. 100,000 is not an insignificant number, however, so it looks like the Korean market will be a lot more competitive.
On the pricing scheme, the Koreans are being treated more lightly than those of us in the UK. 400-500 euros there, 400 here (588 euros).
Zippy, your post interests me. Sounds like a bit of Wii, um, fanboyism? Just a bit?
The 360 had a massive sales lead on the Wii, and I think I'm right in saying is still ahead (correct me if I'm wrong), so second fiddle should still go to the Wii, although I agree about the PS3 being last, everyone does.
Technologically speaking, the 360 is not perfection, but at least some of the major flaws have been ironed out. With regard to the fact it runs modified PC games, it's actually the reverse. Look up some of the games that are on the PC and xbox 360, I will refer to Splinter cell Double Agent, and Rainbow Six Vegas (yes, both Ubisoft, but this goes for several developers), they are both Xbox 360 games originally, and the PC games are ports from the console, and not very good ones either. In fact, the PC version of double agent is so poor that the only version worth buying is on the 360, no matter how good your PC is.

912.5.2007 13:57


sure the 360 is a solid system but it has more than enough issues in hardware to make one wonder what MS is upto this is the main reason I jab at the 360 it dose offer some games but price V cost its to much for a system that has a 50/50 chance of going poof.

As for the game hack comment the Xbox started the "stealing" from PC craze a lot of thos games would not be on a console first without MS and the Xbox,sure some of the 360 games are made for DX 9.5 or whatever the 360 hardware is then downgraded to PC but again I am looking at the Xbox as a whole not just looking at the 360..

the PS3 will only gain momentum if they buy out a lot of games and make them exclusive or halve the console price either way tis not going to get far with tis current price.

the WII is cute cheap and reasonable its not perfect and I see devs with gameplay blinders on but from a general gaming stand point you will get one sooner or later and unlike the 360 or PS3 theres no need to wait for it to be fixed or for it to be cheaper.

1012.5.2007 14:59

I co-own a 360 with two others, and we haven't had any technical issues, nor did we expect any. It's not something we even considered when working out what to buy (the Wii was our other option). At present, we preferred the games on the 360, and although its graphics may be way inferior to those on the PC resolution-wise, you can at least turn all the effects on without getting framerate issues, and there aren't so many glitches, as developers can't rely on patches to fix the problems they knew existed. Ever wondered why it seems more console games get put back (and by further) than PC games?

1112.5.2007 15:09

out of the 3 people I know IRL life all have had troubles with them 1 had to return it 3 times to get one that seems to work.

out of the 15 people I know online half have had issues and half of them have had repetitive issues,its enough for me to say "next year" when in fact the 360 will be built better.

its true the 360 is the main powerhouse in gaming currently PC gaming is to much of a niche to really match it but the WII is selling more and offers something the 360 lacks,sure its worth having and might not keep the attention span of hardcore "casual" gamers, the WII will reign in the end unless the PS3 revamps itself ,for now the 360 and wii share the gaming throne.

1212.5.2007 15:27

I wouldn't necessarily say PC gaming is a niche market, but your argument is correct, playing new games on PCs is relatively uncommon by comparison. Most of the people who I speak to who play games on PCs run either the old classics, or little online arcade style games, not so many people play Doom 3, FEAR, STALKER, Half Life 2, but far more say they've played Quake 2, Dungeon Keeper etc. and had a Mega drive or Super NES at some point.

1312.5.2007 19:56

The 360 is a lower price, and for some the better buy, but the quality of the system to me is absolute garbage. My friend had a 360 for about 6 months, a 2006 model(a year and some after the release date anyways), and the DVD Drive burnt the campain right off of his GoW disc. There's a big brown ring around the disc, and only the campain doesn't work. The online works still and I guess everything else. How the hell does it do things like that?

Oh ya, the EB Games in my area has this deal on that you can trade in 10 crappy last gen games and get a PS3 for $400.00 CAD.

1412.5.2007 20:50

That's right, $399 CDN! For ya yanks that's $360 (unintentional? ;) ), 182 GBP and 366 euros. I should start buying PS2 and Xbox games from the hock shop where they are 3 for $35 and $15 each and then sell the PS3s on eBay to Europeans. That would be (35*3=105)+(15)+(399) = $519 CDN, 467 US, 236 GBP or 346 euros. In fact, maybe I'll do that tomorrow!

1512.5.2007 23:10

and americans moan in uk they are twice as dear ur price in dollars is the same as our pound

1613.5.2007 12:58

Indeed. How much did the 360 come out at? $600? No, thought not.
It's even worse with PC hardware, I happened to see a forum post concering the release of the 8800GTX graphics card where someone said "$450 is just ridiculous, I'm waiting until they're cheaper". 6 months after release, the cheapest you'll find one here is 350 ($690).

1714.5.2007 7:25

exactly and if its broken u will still pay full wack

1814.5.2007 19:44

Originally posted by sammorris:
At present, we preferred the games on the 360, and although its graphics may be way inferior to those on the PC resolution-wise, you can at least turn all the effects on without getting framerate issues
I beg to differ. My friend has the 360 jacked through a hi-def projector and the quality is ungodly good. We can only play for so long before the immersion becomes too much. And he's had no hardware issues.

1914.5.2007 23:50

It'll look good, but trust me, when your PC is good enough, the image quality it can produce will trounce what you find on a console. However, it will cost several times as much, and the games will have more bugs since they belong on the 360 anyway!

2015.5.2007 7:03

360 rules man and if anybody has saints row face me 1 on 1 and ill paste ya

2116.5.2007 5:43

And how was that a useful comment?

2216.5.2007 6:44

just was

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