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$600 Panasonic Blu ray player hits shelves

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 15 May 2007 16:27 User comments (10)

$600 Panasonic Blu ray player hits shelves Panasonic today released its DMP-BD10A Blu ray player with the somewhat cheap price tag of $600. The player will offer 7.1 channel sound and has support for Dolby TrueHD as well as DTS-HD Audio.
The player features full 1080p resolution and can upconvert standard DVDs to the HD signal. As an added incentive to buy the player, Panasonic is bundling 5 Blu ray movies for free which the company says have a combined MSRP of $150.

The movies are:"Pirates of the Caribbean, Curse of the Black Pearl", "Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest", "Transporter", "Fantastic 4" and "Crash".


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10 user comments

115.5.2007 16:31

Include a gift certificate for Pirates 3, and I'm there.

215.5.2007 16:31

WOW awesome, brilliant move to package the biggest blockbusters with it!!! at least this is a sign that the price war has finally started! I dont really care who wins this format war, as long as its not a painful transition for my wallet!

315.5.2007 16:39

They just opened a huge door that reads, "Come on in!!!"

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415.5.2007 16:42

Things are looking up for Blu-ray the way things are going. Well done $600 is what we like to see. Keep the good work up i say.

515.5.2007 17:12

Yea!!! $600.00 for a Blue ray player?My Sony DVD player looks great on my 52" Sony HDTV.Think ill stick with my setup for awhile.

615.5.2007 17:25

I still need an HDTV. When I can afford one, hopefully there will be a clear victor emerging in the market between Blu-ray and HDDVD.

715.5.2007 17:41

I already got my ps3 so its a little to late but not for these movies when day come out.

815.5.2007 17:53

$600 isn't 'cheap'.

It's the price of a US PS3 (previously the best BD player available) so it's no real advance on pricing there - it'll be interesting to see whether this beat the PS3 for performance cos many a/v enthusiasts really aren't interested in a mere games console for their BD player.

......and for all that it's still twice the price of a Toshiba HD A2 ($310) and almost twice the price of the HD A20 ($360) which also has 1080p, full Dolby HD sound via HDMI 1.3 and net linking.....I believe Toshiba also do a disc deal in the USA too.

HD DVD will also have more content available by the end of this year (600 movies).

That Panny BD player, whilst an improvement over the last round of ludicrous BD pricing, isn't such good value afterall IMO.

916.5.2007 0:48

wow, giving away 5 Blu-ray films i wonder how sony will spin this one with the over all Blu-ray film units shifted, the same as the free bees and heavily reduced titles that have already been bundled with US PS3's and Blu-ray players omg Blu-ray titles out number hd-dvd's by 6 to 1 now!

1016.5.2007 7:41

the 5 BD movies arn't even crap their good wow i am impressed

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