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iPhone exclusive to AT&T until 2012?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 23 May 2007 10:02 User comments (9)

iPhone exclusive to AT&T until 2012? The Apple iPhone set for release next month in North America, has allegedly made a carrier exclusivity agreement with At&T, a deal that would finish in 2012.
AT&T will have exclusive US distribution for the next five years and the deal stops Apple from developing a new version of the phone for CDMA wireless networks such as Sprint and Verizon's. Basically if you want the iPhone, you will have to take your service to the GSM based AT&T (formerly Cingular).

Stan Sigman, CEO of wireless at AT&T, talks about the tough approach towards the iPhone:

"I'm glad we have (the iPhone) in our bag,"
he says. "Others will try to match it, but for a period of time, they're going to be playing catch-up."

Reports have also showed the Verizon passed on the opportunity to be exclusive distributor as they felt Apple was too demanding.

If you want the iPhone before 2012, it seems like you will need to switch carriers to AT&T.


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9 user comments

123.5.2007 10:16

Hmmm, exclusivity? With an Apple product? How strange. ;)

These 2 seem made for each other. I'm glad Verizon passed on it. It took some guts, since Apple's not used to being told no. I usually can't stand Verizon's "get every penny from you" tactics, but I applaud them for this.

223.5.2007 10:49

However, Motorola did the same thing with the RAZR and Cingular (now AT&T) and look how that turned out...

323.5.2007 11:06

Yes, but the RAZR was only exclusive for less than a year if I remember right. This deal is for the ONLY phone from a company, and it prevents that company from even making ANY phone for other another company for 5 YEARS.

That's unprecedented, as far as I know. I'm not saying it's a wrong thing, just very odd.

423.5.2007 11:27

But, AT&T is United States only. What about Canada (where I live) or the rest of the world? This phone will probably be a whole lot harder to unlock. >.<

523.5.2007 12:28

I am a customer of Cingular aka AT&T. This seems to be their strategy with a lot of newer phones. Hopefully this phone isn't limited like they do some of their high end phones with features and so forth.

623.5.2007 17:24

im in the clear then, yay

723.5.2007 18:42

for what i see T-mobile is not getting that in US soon.... thats sux case where i live in my opinion is the best company, with best packages

824.5.2007 1:19

In Australia we have what is called the ACCC and they make sure everything in the competition level is above board and i feel this would not work in Australia so if the iphone comes down under it would have to be available across many carriers.

924.5.2007 12:37

I will get an unlocked gsm version eventually.

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