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AllofMP3 calls IFPI raid a publicity stunt

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 24 May 2007 13:52 User comments (5)

AllofMP3 calls IFPI raid a publicity stunt The Russian music download store AllofMP3 called out the IFPI today, claiming their recent raid was made as a publicity stunt.
The accusations follow the news that the IFPI and British law enforcement raided the home of a 25-yr old London citizen who was selling vouchers to use on ALLofMP3 as payment. The IFPI claims the man then transferred that money to the Russian company's off shore bank accounts.

The parent company of AllofMP3, Mediaservices was forced to use voucher payments for North American and European customers, after the major credit card companies and Paypal refused to continue servicing the site. AllofMP3 is currently facing a $1.65 trillion USD lawsuit from US music publishers.

Mediaservices, in a statement, said the arrested man was not an employee of the company, and that he was merely "reselling gift certificates."

"The Allofmp3 administration reiterates that the store has never had any activities outside Russia. Thus we do not have any offices or employees abroad. Allofmp3 operates in full compliance with Russian legislation and pays the necessary royalties to the rightholders and authors,"
the statement reads.

"The members of the IFPI are unable to do anything about the natural crisis the music industry faces in the digital era. Instead they engage in unfair competition practices and political lobbying. They make up 'sensational' news to attract public attention to their activity which becomes less and less valid every day."

Mediaservices continued: "The IFPI and BPI turned a person reselling gift certificates into a 'European office of Allofmp3' in London. After that they initiated the loud 'closure' of this 'office' and an arrest of its mythical 'employee'. The young Londoner is a victim of music majors fighting the irreversible technological progress."

This latest statement can also be seen as a publicity stunt by Mediaservices, and its a wonder how the IFPI will respond.


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5 user comments

124.5.2007 17:46

AllofMP3 is currently facing a $1.65 trillion USD lawsuit from US music publishers.
Wholly crap that is a lot of money. Wow i hope they get out of this not because i want them to continue their service or anything. I just do not want anyone to face that kinda payment. I feel that this is going way over the top.

225.5.2007 3:36

Well it's all totally irrelevant so I wouldn't worry about it.

The lawsuit was filed in the States, the land where you get paid $ 5 million if somebody looks at you the wrong way and you sue them for emotional trauma and mental stress which lasts 20 years and prevents you from going to McDonalds due to staring-induced agrophobia.

It has absolutely no legal standing in Russia.

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331.5.2007 7:28

I hope Allofmp3 sticks to their guns and doesn't give up. The U.S. companies know we are paying too much to download their music. If it was up to them we would be paying $5.00 a song. They should worry about what's going on in their own back yard before trying to get the world to do what the U.S. wants. Hang in there Mediaservices.

41.6.2007 19:33


Nobody, I mean nobody, makes Russia, pay ANYTHING. Especially not the US of A.

516.6.2007 21:53

This is just like killing the electric car. Get rid of the one that will cause your profit margin to decrease.

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