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Korean 80 GB PS3s will feature on-demand video

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 24 May 2007 14:40 User comments (4)

Korean 80 GB PS3s will feature on-demand video As reported earlier this week, Sony will be releasing an 80 GB PlayStation 3 to the Korean market next month. According to a report from the Korea Times, the main reason for the larger HDD is because the new PS3s will feature video-on-demand (VOD) functionality.
South Korea, known for a relatively advanced network infrastructure and high-bandwith Internet services would be able to take full advantage of a network-enabled PS3.

Sony Korea confirmed the news report by saying it was in talks with telecom operators. “We are contacting some Korean firms in order to incorporate VOD applications into PlayStation 3 service line-up,'' Sony spokeswoman Park Seo-yun said.

Although Sony did not reveal which firms it was in talks with, Hanaro Telecom spoke up about its talks with the company. “We are negotiating with Sony and the atmosphere is pretty good. We hope we will be able to reach an agreement in June,'' a Hanaro Telecom spokesman said. “Should we strike a deal with Sony, PlayStation 3 users can watch all the HanaTV programs after downloading software, without having to buy a dedicated set-top box.''


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4 user comments

124.5.2007 17:14

exactly why they needed a bigger HD. thanks. as my post before.

224.5.2007 17:49

All this is just because they want some of the market share that google has with youtube.

325.5.2007 6:10

I like this as long as it works fine should be a great addition to the PS3. Plus you can change the HD your self so would be great. I know every company that can get in on downloads or streaming or whatever is jumping on this sort of thing but whats the purpose of having HD if your dont fully utilize them. Game saves wont do much so between music and movies should be good.

416.6.2007 21:57

One more step towards the PS3 becoming "the" media device in your home.

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