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Music storing service infringed copyright

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 29 May 2007 19:48 User comments (5)

Music storing service infringed copyright A Tokyo district court has found that a service allowing users to store their music online was infringing copyright. Image City allowed users to store their music from CDs on an off-site server, allowing them to later download them to mobile phones while on-the-go. The Japanese music copyright association (JASRAC) attacked the service and claimed it was obviously infringing copyrights.
JASRAC demanded that the service be taken offline. Image City denied any wrong doing, saying that the music stored on its servers was owned by the customer that uploaded it. The company believed that since users and the company were not copying the music for other people's use, they were essentially doing nothing wrong.

The Judge disagreed and ruled in favor of the Japanese music copyright association.

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5 user comments

130.5.2007 0:22

Wouldn't the smart thing to do is write a disclaimer that says we do not take any responsibility for the actions of our consumers if they upload copyrighted material :)

230.5.2007 8:06

heres a thought there is no difference in having music on a MP3 player and online where you can plug in and listen to it.

331.5.2007 16:37

It doesn't make sense, storing backup copies of your music online is no different than storing it on your H/D or MP3 player.
The websites legal team obviously didn't explain their case well enough, or the court was disinclined to go against the recording industry for some reason.

431.5.2007 17:20

Let me guess: the judge was some old dude who has no use for all these new fangled gadgets, and once, some "young punk" made fun of his white belt and matching white shoes.

Not only that, he once spent 9 hours trying to hook up and turn on his new computer with no success, only to have his 12 year old grandson fix it in 15 minutes.

Plus, the copyright association gave him a 2 year pass to his local massage parlor. What he doesn't know is that his favorite masseuse hates his nipple-pinching guts.

What else could explain such a silly decision?

And I thought Asians were pretty sharp folks overall.


527.6.2007 22:08

Next they are going to go after people just walking by on the street minding their own business singing a favorite song.

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