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Toshiba to revamp its Gigabeat V line

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 29 May 2007 14:04 User comments (4)

Toshiba to revamp its Gigabeat V line Late last year, Toshiba launched its Gigabeat V pvp with a 3.5" screen and in 30GB and 60GB capacities. Today, it was announced the the company plans to revamp the line and offer new players with added improvements in hopes to add market share.
The new Gigabeat V will be available in 40 GB and 80GB capacities but will weigh a hefty 8.6 ounces and 9.3 ounces respectively. In comparison, the 80 GB 5.5 generation iPods weigh 5.5 ounces.

The new player however does feature other upgrades including a bigger screen (4") and a nice 480x272 widescreen display compared to the 2.5" screen and 320x240 display on the aforementioned iPod.

The upgraded line is capable of WMA, WMA 9 Lossless, MP3, WAV and WMV playback. Advertised battery life is an astonishing 28 hours for audio and 8 hours for video.

The Gigabeat V will launch on June 1st in Japan for 50,000 yen ($500 USD) for the 80 GB model and 80 dollars less for the 40 GB model. No date set so far on a North American release.


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4 user comments

129.5.2007 21:44

Crazy piece of technology there.

230.5.2007 6:28

28 hours is not a bod bat life

330.5.2007 6:35

Those specs look good,especially with the option of lossless
WMA playback for those with super-sensitive ears.
ipods are good but not this good.
If I made a product called iixiipiixiie I know it would make me
a biilliionaiire ;-))

427.6.2007 22:41

Why don't more of these players support all of the other audio formats? I realize that the majority of users have massive MP3 collections, but stuff like FLAC and OGG do seem to be popping up a lot more lately.

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