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SanDisk Sansa View put on hold

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 02 Jun 2007 19:49 User comments (5)

SanDisk Sansa View put on hold According to a company spokesman, SanDisk has decided to put its Sansa View on hold. The company would like to "re-scope" the device which would have been SanDisk's first media player that focused more on video support than music support.
The hold is indefinite but the company reaffirmed its commitment to the player and hopes to release the player when the timing is right.

"The market is changing fast and furious and we want to shift our efforts to develop a [portable media player] that will meet the needs of the market versus pushing out the wrong product,"
the spokesperson said. "So we're taking another look."

The View would have been the first explicitly HD-capable media players on the market, a player capable of displaying 1080i HD video through TV output. It would have also offered added storage through an SDHC card slot with support for 4GB or more.


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5 user comments

12.6.2007 22:09

The Fast and the Furious: SanDisk Drift!

23.6.2007 7:07

yea thats what i was thinking

33.6.2007 14:49

Originally posted by akaangus:
The Fast and the Furious: SanDisk Drift!

All in all this is a good thing if they wanna make sure that they get it right first time.

44.6.2007 7:41

SanDisk has major problems and this is just the tip of the iceberg. This Sansa is never going to get released, it is too niche and the tanking flash market has put too many cash flow holes in SanDisk for them to fill. On top of that, courts around the world are picking their licensing model apart. See
Look for them to cut more jobs, lower their prices and margins and compete with Kingston and Transcend, who are taking a large part of their market share.

520.7.2007 14:20

Sandisk is getting into the portable media device game a little late. This is good for them to step back and create a new plan of attack.

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