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Sony to release AVCHD Burner

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 02 Jun 2007 19:38 User comments (6)

Sony to release AVCHD Burner Last week, Sony unveiled the VRD-MC5, a self-contained DVD burner that will connect to a few Sony AVCHD camcorders.
This will be the first burner in their new DVDirect line that will be able to support AVCHD. Until now, a conversion software was needed to convert videos to DVD for standalone playback.

Accroding to Dailytech, "The VRD-MC5 offers USB, RCA analog, S-video, and Firewire inputs. The burner will also work with standard definition camcorders. The VRD-MC5 records various formats including DVD, HDD, DV, and Digital8, connected by either RCA or Firewire. The unit does not accept HDV input streams. AVCHD camcorders can only be connected to the burner through the USB port."

The unit comes with a 2.5 inch LCD, navigation controls and a large burn button. "The burner allows for clips to be sorted and placed in a preferred order for burning on DVD+R/-R/+RW/-RW/+R DL discs. It also works as a still photo burner with card slots for MemoryStick Duo/PRO Duo, SD/SDHC, xD, and compact flash."

The burner has no video outputs so it cannot serve as a standalone home DVD player.

The unit has no video output, so it cannot be used a home DVD player. The burnt DVDs will still be in AVCHD format and therefore your playback device must be compatible with the format. Notably, the PlayStation 3 is compatible among a select amount of players.

There has been no set US release date nor price. Updates when they become available.


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6 user comments

13.6.2007 7:06

i maybe wrong but arn't these pretty close to umd's

23.6.2007 7:14

Oh wow!!
Look you guys another proprietary format, why I have never seen Sony do this before,out of at least 8 proprietary formats Sony has spearheaded only one worked (correct me if I'm wrong it might be two) why do they keep doing this?

33.6.2007 9:55

uummmmm...another failure in the making?

43.6.2007 13:11

AVC has been used for ages - particularly with PSP/UMD.

It's a decent codec (certainly far more up-to-date and modern than the almost 20yr old MPEG2) and widely used.

It's interesting tech but that is nothing like the whole story here, the issues and customer resistance will arise with the DRM is comes saddled with.

53.6.2007 14:47

Sounds interesting. Direct to the DVD burner to remove the conversion is a good idea. The thing i like about this for a novice or a beginner this would be great easy to use and make the Home Movie DVD's :)

620.7.2007 14:18

This would would be a nice product if it supported video output.

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