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iGiki unveils games for upcoming iPhone

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 03 Jun 2007 14:58 User comments (7)

iGiki unveils games for upcoming iPhone has announced that they will be releasing a few games designed specifically for the upcoming Apple iPhone.
The games were developed in Adobe Flash CS3 and are specifically modified for use without a mouse. The games are seperated into "GikiSingles", "GikiPacks", and "GikiMinis."

The GikiPacks cost $2 for three months, GikiSingles cost $1 for three months and GikiMinis are free.

A few of the GikiSingles include "iTrek", a space ship piloting game; "HangMan", based on the classic; "Outer Wars", a 3D shooter; "Sink or Swim", a game where you must save overboard crew from sharks and "zBlast", an action shooter.

The GikiPacks are all remakes of classic arcase games and include iTetri, based on the legend.


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7 user comments

13.6.2007 15:11

All these games are kewl but i would like to see a Iphone version of the snake game :)

23.6.2007 16:08

Games for the iPhone are all well and good but why a monthly fee?

310.6.2007 21:15

i cant beleive this is considered worthy information. that company is not sanctioned by apple and the website makes me laugh, looks like some foreigners are going to take advantage of a few american dummies.

411.6.2007 17:13

Hi I'm part of the team and it is good to hear your comments and suggestions.

We have many games similar to Snake including the "Ping I" game.

Being that the iPhone is a mobile device having ads on the game pages would slow the pages down and that is why there is a nominal quarterly fee (about one penny a day) so we can deliver the ultimate user experience without ads.

We're confident that our product lives up to users high expectations. is located in the United States.

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511.6.2007 19:45

Answered my question, although I most likely won't get a iPhone its good to see a company so devoted in their product they have employees go to forums/sites to help out and answer questions.

"Some people have no damn sense." - Nephilim, March 27 2007 @ 18:08

612.6.2007 7:44

iGiki, no email posting as per forum rules, post edited

720.7.2007 14:53

Can this phone run SNES and NES emulators?

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