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Police busts DC++ hubs in Finland

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 04 Jun 2007 8:31 User comments (4)

Police busts DC++ hubs in Finland Finnish police forces have raided several Direct Connect hubs and users today in Finland. Raid was targeted against several large DC hubs in Finland and authorities have arrested four people during the raids.
According to media industry's anti-piracy group in Finland, called TTVK, the hubs targeted had thousands of users and hundreds of thousands of illegal music and video files were shared through them.

"Today's raids shouldn't come as a suprise to anyone. The hubs raided today each have had thousands of users sharing hundreds of thousands of music files and tens of thousands movies. Specially DC hub operators should be worried now and also in the future, as we plan to ask police to investigate even more DC hubs", said TTVK's operations manager Antti Kotilainen.

The raid was also praised by the IFPI boss John Kennedy, who said that "IFPI is pleased with the raids carried out by Finnish police today against the illegal hubs."

Direct Connect and DC++ are among the most popular P2P networks in Finland and other Nordic countries.

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4 user comments

14.6.2007 9:14

Looks like the Nazis have returned.

24.6.2007 15:11


34.6.2007 20:01

This does not surprise me one bit its an every day occurance :)

423.7.2007 15:54

I wonder how much legitimate Internet use actually does occur? If you listen to all of these reports, all everybody is ever doing is pirating stuff.

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