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Amazon to buy Netflix?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 08 Jun 2007 8:09 User comments (4)

Amazon to buy Netflix? According to an Associated Press report, Amazon may be about to buy online movie rental (and now video-on-demand) service Netflix, in a deal that could cost over $1.5 billion. At least that is what's coming from a Jackson Securities analyst named Brian Bolan who has "heard buyout speculation from industry contacts."
"[Amazon has] excess currency, if you will. Netflix, on the other hand, has been facing stiff competition from Blockbuster and everyone else, so they've seen their stock go lower," the AP quotes Bolan as saying.

Netflix's rental service delivers DVDs through the mail. It has faced tough competition from rival Blockbuster, which has gotten much more competitive in recent times. The company also launched a video-on-demand service earlier this year called "Watch Now", similar to Amazon's Unbox service.

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4 user comments

18.6.2007 12:11

Anyone want to put a Spin on this? Netflix is a awsoem service BB just dosent compare even if you can take your movies back to the stores it still sucks compared the info netflix has and the sheer stock netflix has I would hate to see it go and get changed by another corp..altho if they get moeny they could stock more anime and both the cut up kiddized and uncut releases of anime....

28.6.2007 15:40

This may be a good move either way to take on Block Buster. It really depends on the details of the merger.

39.6.2007 10:40

Netflix is definitely better than BB

but maybe if they sell to Amazon the throttling will stop . never lol

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430.7.2007 20:51

I've been using Netflix since the beginning, and I can not complain. maybe if they dropped their price buy a buck or two things would be better, but I'm perfectly happy paying my $19.07 every month for my 3 at a time plan.

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