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Planet Earth generates over $3 million USD in revenue

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 08 Jun 2007 7:58 User comments (6)

Planet Earth generates over $3 million USD in revenue Yesterday, Warner Home Video announced that their dual-release megahit Planet Earth had become the best selling HD release to date.
Warner, the North American distributor for BBC Video, announced the set had generated $3.2 million USD in revenue since its dual release launch in late April.

The Hollywood Reporter estimated that the sales figure translates to over 42,000 units, which although less than the 100,000 units sold of the hit "The Departed" still translates to more revenue due to the roughly $70 USD price tag. The company says The Departed has so far generated 2.8 million in revenue.

A Warner exec boasted after the announcement, "The consumer response to 'Planet Earth: The Complete Series' on both high-definition formats has been absolutely incredible, and we are truly proud to be a part of it," said Warner Home Video president Ron Sanders. "This landmark series was made for high definition, and 'Planet Earth' will be an iconic staple in our natural-history documentary library for a very long time."

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6 user comments

18.6.2007 15:36

Congratulations to Planet Earth DVD. But is there not any other DVD's out there we can talk about :)

28.6.2007 16:09

Planet Earth is a very fine show & a great demonstration for your HD TV.

38.6.2007 18:58

I have this certainly rivals a lot of the best Imax films, like Everest, Adrenaline Rush, etc. Great Plains and Forests are my fav episodes. Strange they didn't put an alternate audio track for Sigourney Weaver. Not that Attenbourough is bad however..

49.6.2007 3:22


Nuke the planet please, wake me up when it's nuclear winter.

511.6.2007 7:11

Originally posted by hikaricor:

Nuke the planet please, wake me up when it's nuclear winter.
Yeeeaaah!That would be GREAT in High Def.DEATH to everything for the win.

<Strangles cat and slits wrists>

630.7.2007 20:49

Oddly enough, I think that if Circuit City, Best Buy and others were to run Discovery Channel HD on all of their displays, a lot more people would switch to HD. Something about bugs in HD just looks amazing.

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