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TiVo and DirecTV together again?

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 08 Jun 2007 8:22 User comments (6)

TiVo and DirecTV together again? Comments made recently by TiVo CEO Tom Rogers appear to open the door to working with DirecTV once again. Both companies previously parted ways as DirecTV's owner, News Corp., decided to back the technology of its NDS subsidiary. With DirecTV now getting the presence of Liberty Media, working again with the DVR maker is a possibility.
At a Deustche Bank conference, Tom Rogers said that he believed there may now be a possibility that the two companies could work together again, and why not? TiVo's best period of consumer growth was during its partner ship with DirecTV. Right now, TiVo could really use the boost.

Analysts say that concerns over the DVR manufacturer's capabilities to attract new customers is a big drain on its stock price.


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6 user comments

18.6.2007 12:46

I hope that they get back together. I'm a DTV customer that got their Tivo units when they were together and I'm hoping to upgrade my boxes.

28.6.2007 14:27


38.6.2007 15:45

There must be something in the water. It seems that everyone is uniting. Maybe this is a sign of the negative aspects of being in a capitalist society. Where in that world its all about the individual. Where as maybe the mergers are going to take us to a socialist direction which is good cause there will be a wide spread of the wealth and share it around.

48.6.2007 16:43

@borhan9...... uhhh, yeah.... someone should put something in your water. Like an anti-psychotic perhaps?? There's no such thing as "sharing" only excessive taxation (ie. stealing).

TiVos are pretty cool though. I'm not sure if I'll end up getting one of those someday, or if I'll just use my PC to do the same thing.

58.6.2007 17:02

As communist governments continue to prove, the people who talk about "sharing the wealth" are the first to grab it without earning it and to keep it.

As for TiVo and DirecTV, I hope these two crazy kids get back together. They should never have let that wh*re Paris Hilton come between them.

630.7.2007 20:53

If this causes a price drop in the Tivo boxes, this can only mean good things.

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