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Swedish court upholds fine for uploading music

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 12 Jun 2007 17:03 User comments (5)

Swedish court upholds fine for uploading music The Court of Appeal in Sweden has today upheld a 20,000 kroner fine imposed on a 45-year-old man from Borås by his local District Court for distributing music (uploading while using P2P) on the internet. The man had originally been fined for uploading four copyrighted music tracks without permission using DirectConnect P2P software.
"This is a victory for copyright and we are, naturally, pleased that there was a guilty verdict. Copyright is the foundation of the whole music industry. If the industry is to continue to thrive, clear and effective copyright enforcement is vital", said Ludvig Werner, chairman of IFPI Sweden.

He continued: "The sentence related to only four songs and the fine imposed of SEK 20,000 (US$2,831) means that it cost the perpetrator SEK 5,000 (US$708) per song. In addition, the injured party has the opportunity to seek damages. It is clearly an expensive business to share files illegally, when there are legal and affordable alternatives on the internet today."

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5 user comments

112.6.2007 18:49

$700 per song?????!!!!!! How the F*** do they come up with these numbers???

212.6.2007 18:50

affordable alternatives on the internet today
HA! Were does he buy his CD's at?
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313.6.2007 3:05

oh well, atleast in the EU u cant get done for downlaoding, only uploading.

416.6.2007 6:13

noobs.. use private trackers

531.7.2007 1:13

It still amazes my as to how much money they feel a song is worth. Bet I can get the same song from a legal services for under $2.

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