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LG fires back against Hitachi suit

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 18 Jun 2007 16:05 User comments (7)

LG fires back against Hitachi suit In response to a lawsuit filed in April by Hitachi, LG Electronics has filed a countersuit claiming Hitachi is infringing on their plasma display panel patents. The two electronics giants have been working on a licensing agreement since 2005, but seem to have a fundamental difference of opinion over what is covered by each company's patents.
Jeong Hwan Lee, executive vice president and head of the LG Electronics intellectual property center, vowed to "uncompromisingly protect" LG's intellectual property and blamed competition in the global display market for the number of lawsuits that have cropped up in the industry.

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7 user comments

118.6.2007 16:41

That's funny because my laptop's burner is made by Hitachi-LG...

218.6.2007 21:12

i believe thats the only thing they make together is cd/dvd burners.

318.6.2007 21:27

The Bard was right.

"First thing we do..kill all the lawyers".

420.6.2007 2:44

yea one of the xbox360 drives is hitach-LG

521.6.2007 20:04

The lawyers are loving this. Also we just add this to another long line of lawsuits already out there :)

622.6.2007 12:00

Anyone would think they were just both delaying till laser tv and other technologies take over from plasma and then they can both just call a truce.

Or they they both realised that its already looking like its going to be a dead technology inside 2 years and need to get back some of those development costs.

713.7.2007 8:24

Hitachi & LG and various other companies have been in various tech consortiums for a while. Hitachi /LG was optical drivs, phillips /LG was LCD panels and supplying them to hitachi, and HIL harddrives are Hitachi-IBM-LG .

these companies and consorteums are soooo intertwined, that even while one division sues another, other partnerships are forming , and no one market segment, like PC or CE is going to be aware of all the backroom deals going on .

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