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VeohTV wants to be a contender

Written by Dave Horvath @ 20 Jun 2007 15:40 User comments (3)

VeohTV wants to be a contender Media players that stream content from the Internet are nothing new in today's market, but VeohTV wants to put its gloves into the ring. On the heels of similar players such as Joost and AppleTV, VeohTV hopes that its set of features will be enough to catch its own market share in this growing industry.
Although still in the beta phase, VeohTV claims to have already made agreements with "thousands of video sources" including the likes of NBC, Fox, Fight Channel, Car and Driver, as well as sites like YouTube, to name just a few. Currently, the software that runs VeohTV is on an invite only status where you fill out your information, and the company will send you a direct download link to the beta trial.

VeohTV will be a free software that you download, install on your dedicated media server PC and watch or even record your favorite media from many different Internet sources. Thats not all. VeohTV will offer users an experience complete with an interactive guide to browse favorite media subjects and if your media server comes equipped with a remote control, you can even control the guide through it. Additionally, VeohTV acts much like the popular TiVo where it can actually "learn" what you like to watch and, if allowed, fetch similar Internet programs for you to watch at your leisure. All media streamed through the software can also be "recorded" to your hard drive for viewing at a later date. Its too early to tell what type of copy protection, if any will be implemented.


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3 user comments

120.6.2007 22:38

They can start by changing the name. VeohTV is lame and it will never catch on. Joost doesn't sound too bad but I never ( and never intend to) check out their site.

221.6.2007 0:32

Hey this site is really good its like youtube but lets you download the videos Im getting as much as possible before they turn into another youtube

321.6.2007 21:21

This is just another video on demand company to add to the list of competitors.

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