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Cablevision steps up HD capability

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 22 Jun 2007 16:39 User comments (5)

Cablevision steps up HD capability Stepping up its efforts to attract new high-definition customers, Cablevision said today that they will have the capability to carry more than 500 channels of HD programming by the end of the year.
In a somewhat surprising move, the 15 HD channels of Voom will become part of Cablevision's new offering, making 40 networks total available to customers. Voom is owned by the DISH Network.

"The VOOM channels represent the pinnacle of high-definition and we are pleased to extend our leadership position in this important category through the introduction of these exciting services,"
Cablevision senior VP John Trierweiler added.

Voom runs HDNews, Animania, GamePlay HD, World Cinema, and a few other HD networks.

HD is rapidly growing in popularity as consumers have been buying HDTVs in record numbers. DirecTV has said they will have 150 channels in HD available by the end of the year and Verizon has promised heavy HD focus for their FiOS product.

Comcast has been lagging so far but claims that it will offer 400 "choices" by the end of the year. The company defines choices as "both on-demand and broadcast channels combined."


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5 user comments

122.6.2007 16:44

What about Comcast???

222.6.2007 19:05

Just another player that has joined the HD game.

323.6.2007 9:45

bleh. i just wish one of them would come with customizable channel packages. i don't wanna pay for 400 channels when i only watch 20. HD or not.

429.6.2007 11:24

I wish they would come with it already...i'm bored with my 22 HD channels from cablevision,i bearly give my 32" lcd HDTV a work out :'(

529.6.2007 19:26

Anything on Time Warner Cable?

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