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Apple creates 20-minute guided tour for iPhone

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 22 Jun 2007 17:15 User comments (5)

Apple creates 20-minute guided tour for iPhone Today, Apple provided an in-depth look into the upcoming iPhone, a week before the phone hits retail stores in the US.
Apple posted a 20-minute guided tour for the phone that showcases the many features of the phone and explains how to best use the touch screen.

The tour doesn't disclose anything major that hasn't been known about the iPhone, but it does provide a first look at many of innovations such as visual voicemail and SMS text messaging the works like the popular iChat program. According to the video, the iPhone's email client will support Microsoft Word and Excel documents, which is a new disclosure.

You can watch the tour here


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5 user comments

122.6.2007 19:08

Well they say learning new things have a 20 minute learning curve. I would love to get my hands on one and test it out.

222.6.2007 21:08

saw the video, pretty cool. the ringtone was pretty nice though. if youre too lazy to hear it, just listen right here!:

323.6.2007 7:39

Having used wm5 and wm6 over the past years and months respecivly i must say the iphone has got me drooling over its smooth interface.

Having a smaller phone is a must running a Qtek 9100 based device at the moment i can only dream of such smooth menu flips and a direct to the point gui that my grandma could use.

I know theres apps out there for smartphones to give them a little more gui dazzel, but largely these slow the phone further and dont really look that great.

With the announcement of office document and outlook syncing support they have turned my head.

423.6.2007 11:13

How come on any article about PS3 the haters come on saying "who cares its 699 wtf lol" but iPhone is full of admirers :D

I love Apple (have a MacBook) and wouldn't mind getting a PS3 in the future but if I had to chose between the two I'd have to go PS3 for the same price!

iPhone looks pretty kickass though. Too bad it's GSM only, I had to drop Rogers because their service just plain sucks where I live. As for the video, I'm sure it's cool but watching it will only make me realize more how poor I am :(

512.8.2007 17:47

Is this another way for apple to tell people how stupid they think they are? First $600 for a phone, and now they feel people need a 20 minute tutorial? Wake up people!

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