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THQ games to be digitally distributed

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 25 Jun 2007 17:54 User comments (8)

THQ games to be digitally distributed Direct2Drive announced yesterday that they had made an agreement with THQ to digitally distribute their PC games.
The hit games "Supreme Commander" and "STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl" are the first games to be released under the new agreement which will make them available on retail shelves and through digital distribution simultaneously.

"Were proud to be the first to offer THQs roster of hit games to our consumers via digital distribution,"
said Direct2Drive's Jamie Berger.

"Our customers are passionate about great games and blockbusters like Supreme Commander, the award-winning Company of Heroes, and the full Dawn of War series are exciting additions to our unparalleled library of AAA games available for download."

Other top publishers that have partnered with D2D are 2K Games, Atari, Activision, Blizzard, Eidos, EA, Namco, NCSoft, SEGA, SOE, Ubisoft, and Vivendi-Universal.


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8 user comments

125.6.2007 18:44

So much for 56K users in the countryside..

225.6.2007 19:50

Who still has 56k???

325.6.2007 21:28

windsong does

426.6.2007 1:56

Originally posted by Jasper44:
Who still has 56k???

developing cuntry in asia like Malaysia, Indonesia, Timor Leste....

In indonesia fast internet calld as broadband is only 384kbps for download and 64kbps for upload.

downloading 100MB will take more than 1hrs.

this "Direct2Drive" must be NOT targeted for asia.

526.6.2007 2:48

Well this maybe the way new games maybe accquired but i dont buy this way.

626.6.2007 8:33

We just got DSL in here in rural ville and it dose not cover all of it,only 50 or 60% of the US is covered by 200KBS+ DSL......

I will admit D2D has a excellent setup I do hate the pricing but there are mostly not to blame on that, Steam is eaqul to starforce IMO I wont touch it.

726.6.2007 14:08

Originally posted by fgamer:
windsong does
My mother-in-law has 56k as well as my sister in law. I have DSL, and since I'm in Ontario, I dont have to worry about getting sued by the RIAA/MIAA like you do.

Happy downloading ;)

828.6.2007 9:11

That is correct. D2D is a USA based company that ONLY sells to USA currently (i believe). (too much international credit card fraud)


this "Direct2Drive" must be NOT targeted for asia.

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