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MySpace TV launches

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 28 Jun 2007 15:43 User comments (5)

MySpace TV launches This morning, MySpace launched the "separate but closely-linked part" of its networking site, MySpace TV.
The new page will bring the same channels and sorting features as YouTube but promises more vast social tools. Users will be able to track their favorite producers as well as tag clips "to put them into a profile" and personalize a video channel based solely on their past viewing history and their personal tastes.

MySpace also promised professional-made content from content providers such as Sony, news segments from New York Times and Reuters, and sports clips and games from the NBA and the NHL.

The page is still considered a public beta but it is available in North American as well as most of Europe and Japan. There is no word on when the beta will end but the company describes it as the "first phase" which will continue to improve until full release.


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5 user comments

128.6.2007 17:04

I do not have Myspace and nor does this make me want create a Myspace.

228.6.2007 19:24

I hate myspace. It turns men into little girls.

I never use it anymore... Facebook is crap.... hell, they all are!

329.6.2007 3:06

Myspace is a conspiracy to get everyone thinking on the same wave length... the short wave length....

429.6.2007 10:47

You people are getting sucked into the conspiracy about Myspace being a conspiracy. What you need to do is create an account, put up ALL your personal information so anyone can steal your identity, then watch how awesome it is. Before you know it, you will be brain dead *cough* I mean, popular.

*way towards bottom of post* Disclaimer: Evidence shows Myspace can result in identity theft, anti-social behavior, and other physical problems. Myspace reserves the right to use lawyers to fight off lawsuits. Myspace also reserves the right to turn over your personal information to random people with much money. Myspace will not be held responsible even for problems that are no doubt linked to them or their site. By using Myspace TV, you will receive a fat bill when you stop using the services.

512.7.2007 12:42

MySpace sucks, there's nothing but illiterate emo kids and stupid comments such as:

"i liek your page lol, teh song on your profiele iz so kool"

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