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Warner delays Total HD combo releases

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 28 Jun 2007 15:16 User comments (2)

Warner delays Total HD combo releases To the surprise of many, Warner announced today that they would be delaying the launch of their first Total HD dual Blu ray/HD DVD combo releases until at least early 2008.
Warner announced the hybrid format at the CES show earlier this year and it was supposed to hit stores by Christmas of this year. To date, all production and replication issues had been solved and the format was on its way which makes the announcement more surprising.

Warner senior VP of marketing management Steve Nickerson confirmed that there would be delays.

"There is no expiration date on the viability of this concept, so we're not in a rush to do it,"
Nickerson said. "We'll do it when it makes sense and when it's right."

Nickerson added that Warner now intends to launch the format with 10 to 20 titles which will "allow retailers to display them together in one section so they don't get lost amid the growing number of home video formats currently hogging store shelves."

Despite their faith in Total HD, Warner also noted that they had no plans to abandon Blu ray or HD DVD and that they will continue to release titles for both.

"Our research shows that there is demand for each of those products [Blu-ray and HD DVD],"
said studio VP of sales planning and operations Dan Miron. "We are trying to evaluate [how to best treat] each one of these releases."

Perhaps Warner sees the end of the format war coming soon?

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2 user comments

128.6.2007 15:35

My bet is that it turns out to be cheaper just to produce seperate HD DVD discs & BD discs.

If you're going to 'combo' anything the player makes the most sense not the discs.

228.6.2007 16:59

Perhaps Warner sees the end of the format war coming soon?
Well if at all is true why then bother brining out both formats and just stick to their guns of goin with the format that they think that will win.

As Hughjars says it may as well go with the cheaper format.

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