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YouTube visits continue to grow

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 28 Jun 2007 17:46 User comments (4)

YouTube visits continue to grow Between January and May 2007, site visits to the huge video sharing site YouTube grew by 70 percent, a number that seems to justify Google's $1.65 billion USD purchase of the site last year.
The 64 other largest video-sharing sites grew by just 8 percent during the same period, and YouTube had 50 percent more site visits then all those sites put together.

According to TheRegister, YouTube had 60 percent of the market share of US visits to video sites while MySpace, the site with the second largest share, has 16 percent. Google Video is in third with 7.8 percent followed by Yahoo! Video, MSN and, all with just under 3 percent. DailyMotion, AOL media, and MetaCafe brought up the rear, all with just over 1 percent share.

Search engines however, still account for over 20 percent of traffic to these video-sharing sites, which is an implication that users are having trouble finding what they want when they are at the sites themselves.

Stats from Hitwise show that the amount of internet users that leave search engines to go to video sites increased over 300 percent from May 2006 to May 2007.


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4 user comments

128.6.2007 22:25

i dont know about everybody else but in the next 5 years or so google is going to own the world :p

229.6.2007 3:43



lolz, but has anyoen noticed hwo YouTube has becoem so much slower with downlaoding the video, 3 months ago i never had to wait, but now i ahev to wait for liek half the thign to load before i start it. Youtube is amazing, but its gettign way way to commercial now, i want funny thing to watch and laugh at not celebrities in the top viewed today things!

329.6.2007 19:15

To me i tend to have to agree cause i am one of them that have started to visit and view Youtube. mainly because free to air TV and when i get a chance to go to a friends place that has payTV there is nothing on TV so therefore i turn to youtube mainly to kill an hour or so and then mayb after that my fav show is on TV.

47.7.2007 20:20

i wouldnt mind living in a communist regime run by google.. it would be so simple

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