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RCA launches Pearl MP3 player line

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 03 Jul 2007 14:54 User comments (6)

RCA launches Pearl MP3 player line RCA has launched its new line of Pearl digital audio players which also serve the function of a USB drive by having the port built in.
The new line of Pearls support MP3, WMA/WMDRM-9 files, as well as Audible. They have backlit LCD displays and come in several different colors as well as many languages.

There is an inline microphone so users can directly record audio. A feature of interest is a MicroSD expansion slot which will mean many users will be able to share music with their mobile phones by quickly moving the memory card.

The MP3 players only need one AAA battery to run, and the players boast 15 hour battery life.

Currently on sale are 1 GB and 2 GB models with respective $39 and $48 USD pricetags.


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6 user comments

13.7.2007 16:31

ah let me say that it looks ugly (looking at it on some site. Just my oppinion though. I'll stick to my sansa e280 =D.

24.7.2007 2:50

it is ugly, what do you expect for 40 dollars

34.7.2007 4:30

I like this due to the fact that it will be a great new thing for all students at uni or other educational institutions that can record lectures.

44.7.2007 4:57

I'm not impressed. There was a time when RCA (Victor) was the top of the line in home entertainment. I remember us having one of their console stereos. It was excellent; would have loved to hook up a CD player to it. Anymore, it seems, they're just like everyone else: they cut a deal with some factory in Red China, slap the RCA name on the goods, and sell it through Wal-Mart.

For $40, however, it probably makes for a good entry level player, or a birthday present for a tweener kid.

Personally: no thanks, I'll stick with the IRiver T10. It does everything this one does, plus Ogg Vorbis playback and a radio tuner.

57.7.2007 5:01

As far as I know RCA is just a name that is owned by GE and licensed for used by anyone. When you buy something with the RCA logo on it's usualy the worst piece of junk.

626.7.2007 15:40

It's not as ugly as the pictures make it appear, and it has the advantage of being really small. But I am having some trouble with mine, so at this time I can't recommend it to anyone.

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