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Nokia licenses touch screen technology to compete with iPhone

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 03 Jul 2007 16:09 User comments (10)

Nokia licenses touch screen technology to compete with iPhone The digital touch technology company Immersion announced yesterday that they had licensed the technology to mobile phone giant Nokia for future devices.
Although neither company mentioned the Apple iPhone when talking about the move, it can be seen as a direct response to the phone's launch. The iPhone makes heavy use of the touchscreen technology and many see the phone as a "game changing" device.

The licensed technology is Immersion's VibeTonz tactile feedback system which allows for devices to provide "unmistakable tactile cues in response to touch screen presses".

"With VibeTonz technology, Nokia can very purposefully access the sense of touch and add value throughout the mobile device," Immersion CEO Victor Vegas added.

Thanks to the deal, Nokia will be able to implement the technology into all their devices worldwide and it will also give developers of Nokia software the proper tools to incorporate the technology into their applications.

Financial terms were kept confidential for the time being, and the company also noted that an SDK will be uploaded for the Nokia developer community.


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10 user comments

13.7.2007 16:15

Sounds great! I always get a Nokia phone if I need a new one. Very simple to use compared to some others.

23.7.2007 18:32

Monkey see monkey do.

33.7.2007 20:00

Hopefully Nokia will get their @ss in production of the Nokia 888 with this license.

44.7.2007 0:21

woot go Nokia once you have used a Nokia everything else seems so complicated.

54.7.2007 3:06

Especially linking your Nokia to your computer is really easy. You can transfer games and other material without problems. Nokia PC suite kicks all the other manufacturers transfer programs' asses.

64.7.2007 4:35

Nokia is the best cellphone maker in the world IMO

74.7.2007 5:04

I am a current Nokia user and love their phones. But i am happy with my phone atm. The new phones have to really b impressive and not just a touch screen before i will purchase it.

84.7.2007 11:41

I love my Nokia too and as someone else pointed out its easy to use with a nice screen to see all of what you need. Touch screen should be a good addition only if the price doesnt make it like what the current Iphone cost.

95.7.2007 5:58

Too bad Motorola have had touch screen tech on their phones forever ago(Ming)and one of the firsts to have itunes too(Krzr, Razr, Slvr)

Imo Motorola have the best phones...

This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 05 Jul 2007 @ 6:00 only does everything(that Sony allows it to)

108.7.2007 10:46

i guess you guys havent used the iphone yet, cuz Nokia is in some deep trouble. licensing touch screen technology is only the first step in overcoming apples almost unsurmontable lead in technology. only blackberries, iphones, and cheap nokias will be left standing soon.

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