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Sony offers Giga Juke NAS50HDE with 80GB HDD

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 07 Jul 2007 16:25 User comments (5)

Sony offers Giga Juke NAS50HDE with 80GB HDD As part of Sony's latest offers, the Giga Juke NAS50HDE Hi-fi system sports some nice features. It comes equipped with an 80GB HDD that is advertised as being capable of storing up to 40,000 music tracks or 13,000 albums. Music can be ripped from CDs at 16x, meaning individual tracks will take seconds and full long albums, a few minutes. By connecting the system to another hi-fi, recordings from vinyl LP's or tape cassettes can be made directly to the hard drive.
Portable music players can be connected via USB to copy music. Of course, a direct connection to a PC will also work. Recordings can also be made from FM radio. A 4.3" screen indexes all the song in order, either by date added, mood, genre or artist. Built into the system is details on 350,000 albums, so information can be displayed on many popular tracks.

MP3, ATRAC and LPCM audio can be imported. The speakers and an and an 'S-Master' digital amplifier provides 2 x 85 watts of hi-fi sound. The device also supports direct connection with Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP). An optional upgrade can make the system Wifi-ready also, for easy connectivity with computers on a wireless network.


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5 user comments

17.7.2007 16:56

Sounds nice now how much is the cost? Better not be over 500 otherwise i will wait till the price comes down.

27.7.2007 19:38

Probably $800 at a price nobody will want to pay. The only cool thing is it having a hard drive. But the down fall is they are offering this and it should be at least 250gb's. This will be pointless if they restrict this to only DRM songs that nobody will want. Overall this is a cool idea. I am surprised nobody thought of this until now.

312.7.2007 6:41

Well, 80GB isn't bad, if you're a teenager who wants to carry around this huge boombox. My hope is that they will offer it in several different HD sizes, or have the option of a USB port to connect a larger external HD to it-which would defeat the purpose of portability, I guess. But for us old farts, it would be nice to have this as a stationary stereo for our bedrooms, workshops, kitchens, etc. Price will definitely be a factor for most; surely they will know this & price them accordingly?

414.7.2007 13:24

I will not even waste my time on that crap!

514.7.2007 16:55

This sounds all well and good. I would love to get one. But as Casemodd said if the price is not in the 500 below mark then i will wait but i love the features.

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