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Live Earth to reach audience across web

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 07 Jul 2007 10:33 User comments (6)

Live Earth to reach audience across web The Live Earth event on Saturday is set to reach millions more people than previous global productions with its reach boosted by the fast-growing power of Web video sharing and social networks.
Organizers estimate television broadcasts of the live concerts staged to raise awareness about climate change will be available to up to 2 billion people although there is no estimate of how many people will actually watch the shows. But that viewership may be trumped online where a generation hooked to social networks like MySpace and video site YouTube share ideas, photos and videos with their peers.

The global Live 8 concert to fight poverty in 2005 was the first major multi-venue event successfully streamed live with Time Warner Inc.'s AOL portal on the Web. But Control Room, which produced Live 8, found it was the on-demand streams days after the event which had the most impact, especially after clips were passed round by e-mail.

Live 8 was streamed by users over 100 million times in six weeks. Live Earth is expected to be three times bigger.

Source: Rueters

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6 user comments

17.7.2007 13:49

Well my friend is watching it online as we speek so there's 1 viewer for 'ya.

27.7.2007 14:53

London Wembly 7.7.07 Live Earth I WAS THERE! BLOODY AMZING!

38.7.2007 4:55

I won't watch it on TV as it uses up the Earth's resources
and using the car to get there is a definite anti-green procedure.

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48.7.2007 9:19

I won't watch it on TV as it uses up the Earth's resources
and using the car to get there is a definite anti-green procedure.
True but we're a technology dependent society these days so arranging and running anything like this for any purpose will lead to a lot of C02 emissions. The size of this sorta respects the fact that if you want to get a point across these days it has to be done "BIG".

59.7.2007 4:40

Save the world.
Pay the government more tax and you shall be redeemed.

(this is sarcasm as was my earlier post for those that can't read between the lines!)

614.7.2007 16:47

As i was moving during this time and i had no cable TV the only way i saw this was through news reports. I wish the money that gets raised does get to the people that really need it and well the earth for that matter.

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