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New iRiver Clix will come Rhapsody-enabled

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 09 Jul 2007 15:40 User comments (4)

New iRiver Clix will come Rhapsody-enabled Today, iRiver announced that they would be producing a new model for their Clix media players that will be compatible with Rhapsody by RealNetworks.
The first generation of Clix players are Windows Media based but the new second generation devices will support Rhapsody and Rhapsody DNA, Real's DRM solution.

The new device will of course support WMA as well but the main focus of the players is Rhapsody integration. Reigncom, the manufacturer of all iRiver devices also announced that those that bought second generation Clix players before today will be able to add the Rhapsody functionality through a firmware update.

The new devices feature 2.2 inch OLED screens, "direct click" navigation, FM radio and SRS WOW technology. 4GB models retail for $190 USD.

"We are excited to be launching the new clix Rhapsody,"
said Sean Kim, CEO of Reigncom. "With Rhapsody DNA technologies, we are able to introduce a number of new features to enhance the consumer's digital music experience by providing intuitive ways to discover and enjoy new music directly on the device."

According to Real, Rhapsody has almost 2.7 million subscribers and is the largest unlimited music service.


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4 user comments

19.7.2007 16:00

the iriver clix gen 2 is a sick mp3 player i think it will be a major success
its already considered one of the best mp3 players on c-net

29.7.2007 18:36

The Rhapsody service is the worst of all the subscription music services. They only offer their proprietary .RAX file format for purchases (you have the option of .RAX and sometimes .WMA files for the "unlimited" account) plus, those .RAX files can only be played on a handful of players that nobody owns. At least you can circumvent the DRM on .WMA or .AAC files you purchase on other sites, getting your .99 cents worth.

The software is also full of bugs, and crashes consistently, uses 100% CPU cycles, etc. etc. They have no real support to contact, and if you go on the forum and complain about the service, looking for an answer, the Rhapsody fanboys ban you from posting! (Don't ask me how I know this:-) I recommend that everyone stay far, far away from this. Most of you that frequent this site will just say that P2P is the best, but for the minority that likes to get their music legally (or at least somewhat legally) Rhapsody is one service to avoid at all costs.

310.7.2007 5:36

I know nothing of Phapsody....nor do i.

The iRiver iCLix is a super player though.
It to notch. Very very cool unique interface controls for small player. Very bright and clear screen to play DivX movies. (Must convert to lower frame rate - they have a nice convertor that works well - in most cases)

I only have a Gen1. But i Love it.
Needs to format it once in a while or it fragments and starts to skip in video play back. I listen to many audiobooks so i'm constantly adding and removing mp3 files.

Only drawback is it needs windows and media player 11 to use all functions well.

Great player - Phapsody is just an add on if you want it. By no means, does this service ruin the player.

Advice...the original ear buds are okay...but you'll be replacing them sooner than later.

416.7.2007 23:48

It looks like this is going to be like iTunes for the Iriver. That what i make out of this.

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