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Sony revamps video sharing site

Written by Rich Fiscus @ 15 Jul 2007 8:43 User comments (3)

Sony revamps video sharing site Sony's Grouper, a video sharing site older than YouTube which Sony bought last year to promote their home video equipment has been re-launched as Crackle.
Unlike Grouper, which focused on amateur video, Crackle will feature videos by aspiring professionals, including some funded by Sony. Among other things, Sony hopes this will attract advertisers who weren't particularly enthused by the idea of amateur video.

In order to jump start the service, Sony has even set up "Crackle Studios" which has 15 employees who will produce segments for the site. They'll also be accepting submissions from the public, although they won't be paying for them.

Sony hopes to use the service to find a new generation of filmmakers, and will be accepting proposals, which if accepted will be funded by the company.

Viewers that either don't know about Crackle or simply don't visit the site will still have a chance to see the videos on sites like AOL, MySpace, and FaceBook.

Source: International Herald Tribune

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3 user comments

115.7.2007 20:50

This could be good for those unknown movie directers to become known, and maybe make it big. Of course, if the site makes it big. I never really liked youtube because the video quality of some random clips of TV shows were just plain unwatchable!

Sounds good to me. Always nice to see a company reach out more to people.

216.7.2007 05:20

Why even bother working with Sony? Like the last sentence says simply go to MySpace, Aol, Facebook, or even Youtube to promote your work. Another failed idea from Sony much like there music connect site or whatever the hell its called.

317.7.2007 18:01

I tend to like any sites that help new upcoming film makers out even if it is backed by Sony :)

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