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Toshiba creating Gigabeat with Wi-Fi to rival Zune

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 21 Jul 2007 17:07 User comments (10)

Toshiba creating Gigabeat with Wi-Fi to rival Zune According to a recent FCC filing, Toshiba is testing the first Gigabeat player with Wi-Fi and if they like the results, the player will be a direct rival to the Microsoft Zune when it is released.
The player will include a wireless transmitter, at least for local networking. The player will also include a new OS, a modern version of Windows Embedded. The filing also suggests video capability.

New other news is available as of now, but the filing shows a probable early 2008 release.


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10 user comments

121.7.2007 20:06

I know the success and popularity of the iPod will not be beaten for some time...But why are they going directly after the Zune?

...Apple, SanDisk and Creative continue to heavily outsell the Zune...
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So why does Toshiba want to take on the lesser competitor?

To me it just sounds weird...also I LOVE my Zune!
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221.7.2007 21:02

because they cant rival anything else. so why not beat the losers. and feel cool about it. because if you go after the ipod and fail, ur gonna feel like an ass.

321.7.2007 21:29

Yep, no better way to hurt Microsoft than to use Windows... WTF Toshiba?

421.7.2007 21:50


The competition isn't going to be too fierce.
Hell Wal*Mart could release a media player and outsell the Zune...

521.7.2007 22:47

Ha! What's really funny about this so-called "competition" is that Toshiba developed and built the Zune. Talk about double-dipping.

Zune revealed by FCC as Toshiba 1089

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622.7.2007 13:16

hmmm. toshiba and microsoft are the BACKERS of HD DVD. but now they are going to release a media player to try to compete with zune. i think they are doing it to make sales higher for wi-fi players.

723.7.2007 0:54

umm..... does Apple have an iPod currently available that uses Wi-Fi to connect users to each other to share music?

If the answer is 'no' then that just might be WHY the Zune is being mentioned as the rival.

Obvioulsy contrary to all the MS Haters the Zune having Wi-Fi is being viewed as a POSITIVE aspect of the device and it's possibilities for other portable players are just now being explored.

Maybe Toshiba will offer a full Wi-Fi enabled device that can transfer songs from your HDD as well, or allow you to transfer unprotected content to other devices, heck maybe it will enable Wi-Fi to connect online to a store and get music while sitting in Starbucks drinking a Grande Almond Mocha Breve...

They're not trying to rival the Zune as a device as much as trying to rival something that the Zune does that others currently DO NOT do... Wi Fi.

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823.7.2007 19:02

The only thing that impresses me is the wireless part of this device although the Zune already has this capabilities maybe the only way Toshiba can make this product better is to have the wireless work with Blutooth which can make it work with any portable device. Now that would be excellent.

928.7.2007 16:39

I didnt read anything above or below.. But the zune is just a toshiba gigabeat-s copy.. durr? Look at the pictures and compare.. We all know they just stole it, it isnt their design.. And in a few months they will make their own kickass version.

101.8.2007 18:50

First thing you are slow for thinking that Microsoft stole the Zune idea from Toshiba because Toshiba made the Zune for Microsoft. Another thing why would Bill Gates show off the Gigabeat S???@#?! It is a great idea to be able to connect via Bluetooth and awesome that to have WiFi maybe finally those Bluetooth headphones might be sold:) Last and but not least what a great comment duckNrun!!!!

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