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Update: Over 1 million Zunes sold, beating expectations

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 21 Jul 2007 15:55 User comments (6)

Update: Over 1 million Zunes sold, beating expectations When the Zune was launched in mid-Novemeber 2006, Microsoft set a hopeful target of one million sold before June 2007. According to the company's recent quarterly financial reports, Zune sales surpassed that target and surely Microsoft is very excited by the sales.
For the period ending June 30th, over 1.2 million of the players have been sold, which is equal to about 170,000 units per month. If the units continue to sell at that pace the Zune should reach 2 million sold before the player's one-year anniversary.

Although Apple, SanDisk and Creative continue to heavily outsell the Zune, Microsoft must be proud of the market penetration the Zune has produced over the last few months. The company even proclaimed that the Zune had 11 percent market share for players with hard disks during May.

A second-gen Zune is expected to hit retail stores later this year.


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6 user comments

121.7.2007 21:06

the ipod killer has arrived...thank god

221.7.2007 21:20

I have feeling halo zune helped a lot. I love my ipod and i'll always love it.

321.7.2007 21:30

Go Creative!

422.7.2007 11:58

I wouldn't really call it the "ipod killer". According to stats, you can't even call it the "Zen killer" or "sandisk killer"... But I own a Zune and am very happy with it. I dig the larger screen for video functions.

522.7.2007 13:53

Considering how saturated the market was, and is, when the Zune was introduced 1 million units is a big amount.

Of course the Zune is no where near the "best" selling MP3 player out there but if I introduced a product in an extremely one-sided market and my product sold 2 million before it turns one I would be very pleased with its results.

Sure its no "insert-rival-product-name-here" killer but then again it probably wasn't introduced to "kill" any other brand's product.


623.7.2007 18:55

I did not expect a Microsoft product to do so well. It just goes to show you that some of their products maybe worth the while. Although i have never tested it so i can never really judge, I am just happy to see it doing well. I still love my iPod though.

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