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US companies decry Chinese discrimination

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 20 Jul 2007 22:10 User comments (5)

US companies decry Chinese discrimination According to a US trade official, the United States is seeking consultations with China over that country's policies on music downloading and cinema rights.
In a written statement to the WTO (World Trade Organization) regarding an ongoing complaint, the U.S. said "various measures in China appear to impose market access restriction or discriminatory requirements on foreign service suppliers seeking to engage in the digital distribution of sound recordings."

According to Stephen Norton from the Office of the US Trade Representative, Music from foreign sources needs to undergo content review before being distributed in China. Chinese music doesn't have to face that process," Norton told The Associated Press. "The review delays Chinese Internet providers and Chinese consumers from accessing foreign music." He also mentioned that the same discrimination barriers exist for downloading music to mobile phones.

Since Chinese law doesn't allow foreign companies to own or invest in Chinese companies that distribute music over the internet, this is a major barrier for foreign businesses.

As a country that now boasts over 160 million internet users, China is an important market to reach. With only 12.3% of the population using the internet right now, compared to the global rate of 17.6%, it should continue to grow for some time.

Sources: Fox News, Reuters

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5 user comments

121.7.2007 10:17

There is a nice, warm feeling to be had from reading about how corporate America gets told to go to buggery. Good on yer China! Hmmmm, maybe China ought to think about about flexing some of that trade muscle given just how items are made in China and sold in the US.

Life is sooo kind with all those lovely corporations making bags of money, paying their ceo's et al heaps whilst the rest of the USA tries to live off penury and the pipe dream that they too will make it to the top.

Steven Norton wants his cake and eat it too - well fuck him! (metaphorically speaking, lord knows what one might catch from such an arse kisser cum bully).

221.7.2007 11:30

Well genius, if you had one ounce of knowledge concerning China's mistreatment/torture of their own citizens in prison maybe you would change your tune. Never ceases to amaze me how many people are busting their asses trying to get INTO the U.S. and numbnuts who favor CHINA (of all places!) over North America.

One might as well root for the Iranians or North Koreans.

321.7.2007 16:24

I don't think too many people want to move to China. China's refusal to kiss the media industry's rear-end is Tashammer's point, and I agree. Here in the US, you can get more serious punishment for digital piracy than manslaughter. Then you have the extensive copyright laws here that protect an artist by far greater than an inventor.

423.7.2007 18:23

U.S getting a hold of the Chinese market will just help them take over the world :P LOL

They just wanna police the biggest population.

528.7.2007 13:55

Originally posted by windsong:
One might as well root for the Iranians or North Koreans.
the socialistic liberals are doing that too!

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