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The Daily Reel caters to video creators

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 23 Jul 2007 8:01 User comments (2)

The Daily Reel caters to video creators Unlike most video sharing sites, whose target audience is anyone and everyone, The Daily Reel's new REELEDin section is specifically designed to connect the people behind the videos with potential employers.
Launched last fall, The Daily Reel originally started as an online video guide; finding and promoting select videos from video sharing sites. It's since turned into a place for anyone from Hollywood studios to website executives to find new talent.

REELEDin allows visitors to create either a Creative or Employer account, depending on whether they're looking to market their own talent or find new talent to hire. But the point is more than just showcasing videos. It's also intended to be a social network that connects up and coming talent with their more experienced peers.

According to the site's FAQ, "REELEDin is primarily for the online filmmaker who is looking to legitimize his or her content, whether that be learning how to make money off of it, getting it exposed better to the people who matter, or improving the content itself. REELEDin is also for the n00bs to online vid as well, especially those looking to get access to those who know what they’re doing."

Finding talent online is a growing industry. As we reported just yesterday, it's not only Hollywood who's interested in identifying online video talent. As more websites add multimedia content they'll need an increasing amount of talent to produce it.

Like other internet phenomena it will almost certainly reach a peak that can't be sustained for long, but for now it appears to be one of the hottest trends on the web.

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2 user comments

123.7.2007 20:52

I remember reading a few hours ago that companies and talent agencies are doing this via youtube as well. What else is new.

223.7.2007 22:10

That's a really good idea, I like it.

It saves the companies TONNES of money, as they don't have to pay agencies to find new talent.

It saves the talent tonnes of money as well because they don't have to pay the agency either.

Then everyone else online can watch the videos and be entertained for free.

Pretty much a win-win for everyone but the agencies!

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