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French video site found guilty of copyright violation

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 26 Jul 2007 11:01 User comments (3)

French video site found guilty of copyright violation A French high court has ruled against the Paris-based video-sharing site Dailymotion, holding it liable for a copyrighted film posted by its users.
The court noted that Dailymotion did not take the film down even after it received a letter of complaint from the producers. The court ordered the site to pay the film's producers 23,000 euros in damages and fork over a 1500 euro fine for each day the movie stays online - though Dailymotion can appeal.

Last month, the President of the High Court of the First Instance of Paris issued a "summary order" that classified MySpace as a publisher, arguing that the so-called social-networker is more than just a hosting service and should be held liable for infringing content posted to its site.

The judgement against Dailymotion was issued by a separate arm of the court, and doesn't indicate that the site is considered a publisher.

Where web-based video sharers are concerned, American courts have yet to rule on the matter, but several lawsuits against YouTube and others - including the big one from Viacom - are pending. The outcome of those suits is likely to shape the future of not just those websites, but any site that allows the public to upload content.

Source: The Register

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3 user comments

126.7.2007 11:36

things like this just hold up progress. people will be so afraid of being sued, that they will just elect not to invent.

*thinking out loud* ..."back to the stone ages"

227.7.2007 2:22

Totally agree with ugc. You bring out a new technology and it's used in the way it was intended and you are trying to stop progress. If its the full movie i understand but if its just a 30 second teaser then it should be seen as free advertising for the movie in question.

327.7.2007 11:49

I sooo guessed that this article was going to be about dailymotion, but i was still shocked! they're only sueing them, because dailymotion has grown soo big..

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