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Video-on-demand coming to PSP

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 28 Jul 2007 9:19 User comments (12)

Video-on-demand coming to PSP Sony Europe and Sky have announced a joint venture that will deliver video-on-demand content to owners of the Sony handheld PSP.
The new venture promises "a wealth of video and film content" for the over 2 million PSP owners in Ireland and the UK. If the venture is successful, than a broader European offering will be discussed, said the company.

The company also added that more details would be announced in Leizpig on August 22nd at the annual Games Convention.

We will keep you updated after the Games Convention.


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12 user comments

128.7.2007 9:54

Meh. Not a big enough consumer group to get this to work.

228.7.2007 10:24

how much is that gonna cost?

328.7.2007 10:34

sky and sony not big consumers wot have they made:
sky tv
sky +
think how much money they get
and sony!
they brought out the psp for a start
thats not much is it now?

428.7.2007 10:35

Does anyone with a PSP really have that long to wait for a movie to download over it's slow wi-fi?

It's time Sony took it a bit more serious and offered an Itunes like site for movie and game downloads for the psp.

528.7.2007 10:36

like psp blender? oh no there just free torrent links lol

628.7.2007 13:47

It wont work. viewing a website is a pain in the 4$$ alone on the psp. Cache on the psp is pethitic. Otherwise great idea, laid to Rest In Peaces

728.7.2007 13:49

i have actually downloaded a song onto my psp through the web browser didnt take long either and it even asked me where to save it!

828.7.2007 14:05

Music yes. its quite good at that. video not likely much much slower than Music.. But then you have Macromedia protection type 1&2 were defeated by dvd decrypter then theres type 3 were it automagicly Delets itself after set number of days. this would hammer the psps cache to death becoase it looks up the website from wich it was downloaded to see if times up of coares you could refrain from going on line to see if its times up but it will loop & loop then eventualy crash your psp

928.7.2007 21:18

I love the PSP but this is not why i would get one.

1028.7.2007 22:36

exactly u wouldnt would you and it will be like buying a new tv license which would be a total waste of money then extra money for more chanels

1129.7.2007 15:42

Well i dont know about your internet connection but when my psp is on mines it works fairly fast for a mobile multimedia game system. I think people are expect way more out of the psp then what its capable of and mind you it has surpassed all mobile devices with lower but similar capabilities. The controls are suspect which i hope with the newer version coming out soon they will fix that and yes the other analog added would be great. But honestly the PSP has been out for like 3 - 4 years and has done things that people would not believe. It hasnt been perfect but still its done more then what people paid for in my opinion. As for video on-demand. It would be nice if the price isnt high but knowing the way pricing has been its going be more then what people want to spend.

1230.7.2007 1:13

if it would be free that would be great but if its sony and sky it aint gunna be

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