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VideoJug offers expert advice

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 27 Jul 2007 22:37 User comments (4)

VideoJug offers expert advice A new site called VideoJug is determined to become the expert version of YouTube -- a place where you can find how-to videos from various experts for everything from etiquette to eBay to earthquake survival.
Most of the videos on VideoJug are professionally produced by the site. Others are submitted by users, but still vetted by VideoJug staff.

Like any other aspect of the web, video can be used for educational purposes. But such use is dependent on the veracity of the information available.

Just like traditional text based sites need to have some kind of fact checking to make sure their information is sound, video sites claiming to have educational or factual content need to make sure viewers aren't being mislead.

VideoJug's approach seems to be a good solution for this, although their fact checking process doesn't seem to be detailed anywhere on the site.

Sources: Information Week, VideoJug

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4 user comments

128.7.2007 5:39

If they post a video that has step by step instructions for how to tie a tie, this will be a step in the right direction.

228.7.2007 20:59

I would love this video site it would be great to have a how to video site. I just have a feeling lots of law suits may also follow.

330.7.2007 17:51

that site does have a how to tie a tie video

49.8.2007 2:12

Videojug aint new, its been about for months, as i was directed to that site, there's a lot for anyone from making your bed in 3seconds-Pet etiquette-cures for hangovers

In which when i got this it would have been handy before Xmas instead of after it! LOL. Enjoy.

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