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Documentary detailing music piracy is released as torrent

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 04 Aug 2007 18:07 User comments (7)

Documentary detailing music piracy is released as torrent The producers of Good Copy, Bad Copy, a new documentary that analyzes the current state of global music piracy, have decided to release the movie for free, and via torrents in XviD format.
The movie goes in depth on the line between "fair use" and piracy and includes many interviews, including some notable ones like DJ Danger Mouse, the creator of the "Grey Album", Lawerence Lessig (founder of Creative Commons), the admins of The Pirate Bay, and an official from the MPAA.

Although we cannot directly link to the torrent, it can be found at The Pirate Bay as well as on the official website here.


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7 user comments

14.8.2007 18:18

Sounds interestin'....think I'll download this

24.8.2007 19:17

Cool, I think ill download this too.

34.8.2007 19:35

what would have been funny is if this was a official movie somewhere that someone stole and put on a torrent

45.8.2007 10:44

there are several cool vids released under creative commons and free to download, plenty of history and science vids that are far more informative than the discovery channel as its made for students not couch potato idiots!

Good Copy Bad Copy as a great film showing how stupid copywrite is and how it destroys creative media but sampling still exists thankfully.

in the words of nwa f**k the police! media police that is!

55.8.2007 20:30

sounds good. and its free.

610.8.2007 15:47

Could this be a trick that the MPAA is puting in place for people to download and then it has a tracker of sorts attached to the movie file.

719.8.2010 16:24

Where can I find this movie .torrent? It seems to be taken off of pirates bay. I tried other torrent sites,but alas there is no Copy of Good Copy Bad Copy.

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