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New website will feature TV commercials

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 11 Aug 2007 7:29 User comments (4)

New website will feature TV commercials NBC Universal has taken the offensive in battling viral video sites like YouTube.
Their new website, Didja, will feature a mix of TV commercials and content from their USA and Sci-Fi cable networks.

Bonnie Hammer, president of both USA and Sci-Fi, said the goal is to "become the go-to destination for on-demand advertising content." " is the logical next step in the changing dynamic between consumers and advertisers," Hammer said. "There's no doubt that commercials are major drivers of pop culture -- all you have to do is check out traffic on any video-sharing site. We want to own that watercooler conversation."

It's not exactly surprising that a major corporation would come up with the idea of selling advertising as programming. What's more interesting is that companies like NBC Universal put so much focus on getting people to talk about them, and very little discussing what people are interested in.

Despite a huge amount of video that no one cares about, sites like YouTube ultimately succeed by having enough content people want to see. That's what makes them send links to their friends. The advantage those sites have is a variety of content providers uploading content.

Perhaps the NBC's real strategy is to try as many ventures as possible, like launching Didja while they're developing another site with News Corp., when both sites arguably compete with each other.

NBC Universal isn't the first company to recognize the profit potential from an ad-centric site. Warners-owned TBS has the comedy-focused, which is linked to the cabler's comedy-focused brand. And earlier this year, a group of investors launched adTV, which offers many of the features promised by Didja.

Source: Variety

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4 user comments

111.8.2007 8:20

I hate non skipable ads and I hate pics of ads + flash ads and a video of a ad all on the screen at once even worse.......

211.8.2007 14:15

quote: There's no doubt that commercials are major drivers of pop culture -- all you have to do is check out traffic on any video-sharing site

That's why all the fuss is about people posting COMMERCIALS as opposed to people posting them singing to music or posting movie clips and tv shows...

Just another example of mis information and/or the big companies just don't get it when it comes tothese sites.

Johnny: Hey come check out my uTube posting... it's the brand new lexus ad.... lmao

311.8.2007 16:38

I can understand the concept of looking for a commercial that is funny on a video site, but the idea of going to an site dedicated to only advertising seems a little off the point. Most web surfers hate ads and anything relating to them.

Forced exposure to ads I have no desire seeing just to see one commercial is a lot different than searching for super bowl commercials on YouTube.

417.8.2007 18:29

What a load of crapp. They really need to get rid of comercials put ads around the video not in the video. This is why people are turning away from traditional tv viewing because of the ad content not to sit behing their computer and have to be dealing with ads again.

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