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Universal to promote iTunes alternative

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 12 Aug 2007 10:38 User comments (7)

Universal to promote iTunes alternative Universal Music Group plans to sell DRM free music appear to include marketing a new online music store called gBox.
Under the program, gBox will get referrals through ads Universal will buy through search leader Google Inc., gBox Chief Executive Tammy Artim said Friday.

Google will get standard advertising fees rather than a cut of sales under the arrangement. The ads, which would appear when a Google user searches for specific terms such as the name of an artist, will direct the user to gBox.

The arrangement with Universal and gBox is separate from Google's music search service, which directs users to online music stores when they search for specific albums or artists. The company says it does not get paid for such referrals, and it does not restrict links to a single retailer.

Google, which has said it has no plans to create a music store of its own, described the new arrangement as strictly an advertising relationship.

Universal Music will make DRM-free songs available Aug. 21 to Jan. 31., Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and RealNetworks's Rhapsody are among the other retailers selling such tracks, but only gBox will get Universal's Google referrals.

Although gBox won't officially launch until Aug. 21, it already has a site with music from Sony and independent labels. gBox Chief Executive Tammy Artim said the company has negotiated deals with other labels, but could not disclose them until the launch.

She also said gBox was working with other major labels to sell DRM-free tracks like Universal's, but such talks are ongoing.

GBox now works only with Internet Explorer on Windows-based computers, but Firefox support will come by the launch date, Artim said.

Source: Associated Press

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7 user comments

112.8.2007 15:59

Do all these companies really expect the consumer to download each one of the pieces of software, sign up, give credit card information etc to download songs?? NO!!! I want one service and itunes does a pretty damn good job of it. Its obvious that Universal doesnt want to pay fees to itunes so they decide to open thier own store which only makes people like myself resort to p2p when needed.

Get a clue, Universal.

212.8.2007 19:28

I am sorry to say that this DRM garbage is garbage. I pay for the song and can only listen to it in Itunes? What about my car? I dont want to buy an Ipod. So now I resort to dling from p2p after I buy it. I own it so it's not i11egal, and I get a flac, much better than some low quality itunes.

312.8.2007 22:30

itunes u can use credit card info and ipods are hot and require the itunes software. cool i have an ipod and the software oh but my computer is new no songs. hmm using my aol account i can purchase music. word. itunes works with aol, creditcard. ect. lots of music. so why not check out a few. i wouldnt download 9 different programs and each one has to work with a different player. windamp + itunes is bad enough without adding napster,rapshody,ect ect. get with the times. =]

413.8.2007 0:01

agreed, itunes is a much much more convenient design, i actually think napster is the best downloading service so far though. They have drm but thats so easy to get rid of that it shouldnt even be a big deal.

napster is pay by month, not by song. much cheaper that way, and that way you can download anything you want, not just the stuff worth paying for.

513.8.2007 21:13

This is why P2P strives. One stop for all of your pirating needs. Oh yeah, it is also free.

617.8.2007 18:49

Wel we do need an itunes alternative not everyone is a fan of apple.

724.7.2009 4:12

I am not an iTunes fan neither, that's pretty much the reason why I enjoy this video!

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