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Best Buy wants to cater towards women

Written by Dave Horvath @ 15 Aug 2007 14:07 User comments (11)

Best Buy wants to cater towards women It was announced today that electronic retail mogul, Best Buy will strike a deal with designer Liz Claiborne to design and sell electronic gadgets geared towards appealing to women.
The Liz Claiborne Accessories line will be offered in as many as 250 Best Buy stores across the US. These stores, once stocked, will offer items ranging from $25 to $200. Items that will be at female customer's disposal will be designer laptop bags, music players, Cell phones, business totes, and cameras. In a statement, vice president of Best Buy Liz Haesler said, "We know many of our customers want technology to be more than a simple necessity, they want their devices to reflect their sense of style".

Don't worry though, if you don't have a Best Buy near you, they have stated that these accessories will be available to you from the retail giant's website as well.


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11 user comments

115.8.2007 14:44

I anticipate a big disappointment for both companies. Most girls I know wouldn't care much for a Liz Claiborne DVD drive.

215.8.2007 16:39

With all the diamond studded cel phones out there, this doesn't suprise me that somebody is trying to capitalize on the personalization of electronics.

316.8.2007 4:17

At the tail end of my venture with Best Buy about 6 months ago, I remember selling a laptop to a girl ready to start college, and there were 2 laptop bag aisles. The first had your traditional bags, but then when I took her around the corner to the "designer" bags (which also had a larger price tag, and of course, more profitable) it was a "wow" expression for her and her mother. What they are doing is making tech less frightening, and more personable, while also driving up profits with what Best Buy considers the business class women or heads of household. Trust me, they have enough research behind this to give it a shot, and see if it flies.

416.8.2007 8:13

I believe this could work. As long as they don't paint the LCD tv's pink and wrap their DVD spindles with white lace.

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516.8.2007 17:11

...yeah lol, pink computers with built-in tampon dispensers

616.8.2007 19:20

well, it's niche marketing.

717.8.2007 9:04

The electronics will be pretty, not functional, and expensive but the gals will love them just because they are pretty. It's actually a smart move on WorstBuys behalf.

818.8.2007 21:45

haha, yeah for sure.

A good design blends artistic/aesthetic style with functionality. A label of "women come buy me" seems dubious.


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919.8.2007 18:11

The last time I was in a Best Buy (about 6 + years ago), I waited around for 30 minutes in the computer aisles. I asked several salesmen (yes, men) for assistance, telling them I wanted to buy a computer. Each one said, "I'll be with you in a moment", or "I'll get someone for you", then proceeded to ignore me and wait on someone else (namely men) who walked over to the area AFTER me. I only spent the 30 minutes looking at the various computers' features, because I was planning to walk out of there with a computer that day. As I said, that was the last time I was ever in a Best Buy.

I bought an HP at Circuit City that day, bought a Dell online about 5 years ago, and built my own PC earlier this year. I am currently typing this on my old Dell using Ubuntu 7.04. And when the day comes I want a laptop, I will buy one pre-configured for Linux (maybe even a Dell soon). When I get tired of WIN XP, I won't even dual-boot anymore.

So from what I also hear from other women friends of mine, Best Buy needs to change their workers attitudes if they want to sell to us women.

1019.8.2007 20:29

This reminds me of the Apple Igasam gizmo that i read a few months ago. I gather this is going to be more lady like than the other :)

1121.8.2007 22:49


Hey, I'll never understand how some women think when it comes to how a product looks. Several years ago when I first bought an MP3 player, I did all my research and decided on the 5GB Creative Zen Micro. It had all the best reviews at the time and had a hell of a lot more features than the iPod. Cost a bit less too if I remember correctly.

Anyway, my wife wanted a MP3 player also, and I suggested the Creative, but no, she didn't like the way it looked. She ended up picking some but ugly Lime Green colored Rio model that lasted maybe 2 months before it ceased to operate.

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