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iPhone users get digital books from HarperCollins

Written by Dave Horvath @ 15 Aug 2007 14:19 User comments (4)

iPhone users get digital books from HarperCollins Literature publisher HarperCollins announced Wednesday that it will offer several iPhone compatible digital books on its website for savvy iPhone web surfers. Most of the books that will be made available will become live from late August, into September and accessible through HarperCollins' mobile website.
iPhone users will be able to use the Browse Inside feature on the website to preview the first 10 pages of the first two Chapters of the books it has publishing rights on. In 2006, HarperCollins began stockpiling literature in its digital libraries and now hosts some 10,000 titles available.

Should an iPhone subscriber preview the books and want to read more, they can simply purchase the book through their phone and it will download for their reading pleasure. Initially, the only books that will be available through a trial period are "The Burnt House" by Faye Kellerman, "Now and Forever" by Ray Bradbury and "Obama" by David Mendell.


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4 user comments

115.8.2007 16:27

Why can't these things release with new stuff that everybody wants? Nothing against these three offerings, but it seems to always be that the initial offerings are stuff that nobody has heard of or stuff that has faded from memory.

219.8.2007 20:32

Why wouldnt you just download the pdf via torrents and then put it on your phone. Just get the book from the old fashioned book store i say.

321.8.2007 22:52

I found several awesome book collections on the torrent sites. Just dropped them on my phone using MobiPocket, and I'm done. I've really found this to be the best way to read a book. I can read under the covers, in the elevator, and even when I'm dropping a load. It doesn't compare to the old fashion real paper book, but reading on my phone just seems easier for me.

425.8.2007 5:43

Seems to me they are trying to add all the stuff that the ipod has but with a phone and less memory. Personally I love the movies on my ipod, you can plug it into a t.v. at your friends house and watch any of your movies on his t.v.. How many movies can you put on an iphone ? Hey have you guys seen those iphone clones on E-bay ? Are those any good ?

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