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New CCE Basic guide added

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 15 Aug 2007 4:09 User comments (5)

New CCE Basic guide added We have a new guide called "Deciphering CCE Basic". Instead of being oriented toward a single task, like most of our guides are, it's intended to give you an overview of all the options in the program.
Read it at:

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5 user comments

115.8.2007 12:19

This just adds to the reason why I love aD so much.

One of my biggest influences in joining aD was due to the the detailed guides that are readily available here, either the user-written ones in the forums or the "official" ones in the "Guides" section. They are all well-written and most of the time updated in a timely manner.


215.8.2007 13:17

fastest encoder on the market, period. just got cce sp, love it.

315.8.2007 15:28

Cool. Afterdawn is the best.

415.8.2007 21:36

If you looked for this guide earlier and found a different one, I apologize. I somehow replaced the guide with one I was working on at the time. It's been corrected now so you can find the CCE guide at the link in the article.

I also have the guide I posted by mistake available at

518.8.2007 5:13

Well done another great addition to an already great vast guide section however it is great to see new and updated guides frequently added like it has been. Well done aD :)

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