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Limewire to start authorized music download store

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 15 Aug 2007 13:23 User comments (12)

Limewire to start authorized music download store The infamous file sharing company LimeWire announced today that they had plans to begin a legal, authorized music store which it will eventually integrate into its hugely popular P2P client.
For the past few months, Limewire has been under intense scrutiny and pressure to clean up its business, especially after being sued by the record industry.

The legal service will have a small library to begin with, featuring music only from IRIS Distribution and Nettwerk Productions but the tracks will be available DRM-free and at 256kbps. There is no pricing details available as of yet, but the company said there will be single downloads offered as well as a subscription service.


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12 user comments

115.8.2007 14:05

wtf limewire u retards are goin to hell

215.8.2007 16:48

First Napster goes legit, now Limewire. At least they have name recognition.

316.8.2007 0:18

Frostwire anyone???

416.8.2007 0:28

wtf is that

516.8.2007 2:55

BareShare went legit too; but you know what, some of their old version 5.xx client software is still working. Get it from and do your thing...

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616.8.2007 7:13

the only p2p software that i think is left and good has to be ...... any ideas?

716.8.2007 16:31

Thats what they do with these sites buy em out if they cant take them down and replace what you like for what they feel you should have. This really isnt a tragedy because its better alternatives.

818.8.2007 5:17

All i have to say is bye bye limewire :)

918.8.2007 22:39

Originally posted by SouthS1d3:
wtf is that
a variant of limewire (w/out the malware, spam, and now legit(legal) downloads)

1019.8.2007 0:06

wtf r u talking about

1121.8.2007 17:46

ya well now its going legit...

1222.8.2007 17:33

Never really liked LimeWire. When they just started out, there so many others to choose from, and when the others went away, new services popped up. It just seemed to me that everybody else did it better.

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