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Sony launches new HD marketing campaign

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 17 Aug 2007 22:03 User comments (6)

Sony launches new HD marketing campaign Sony Electronics launched its largest integrated marketing campaign in the U.S., centering on its high definition DNA known as "HDNA."
The campaign is intended to show how a variety of high definition technology from Sony can be used together to create a high quality home entertainment experience.

"HDNA is the core, the essence of all Sony HD products," said Sony Electronics' Chief Marketing Officer Mike Fasulo. "HDNA ensures an HD experience that you cannot have with any other brand."

"If a consumer is considering the purchase of an HD product, we believe that given our lineage and expertise in the category, Sony should be the only consideration. With this comprehensive campaign we will also demystify all of the fears associated with purchasing a high-definition product."

The campaign will begin in September.

Source: MarketWatch

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6 user comments

117.8.2007 22:47

This is good for the masses, because it will get more information out there to people who have no clue as to what HD actually is.

Hell, there are still some people out there clinging to that VHS collection.

218.8.2007 4:33

It's just a marketing scheme. I'm not saying they have bad products, but they are just doing it to try and outsell the competition, it has nothing to do with their product being any better. Either way I hope the increase in competition will continue to lower prices

318.8.2007 15:27

Originally posted by jshinevar:
they are just doing it to try and outsell the competition
Yeah, that's called business.

420.8.2007 0:30

Originally posted by jshinevar:
It's just a marketing scheme.
And exactly what isn't 'just a marketing scheme'?

Showing bald men sitting lonely in a bar and then after hair surgery being surrounded by models, the teenage outcast with zits being surrounded by the 'cool kids' after using a certain skin cream, the guy who becomes the envy of his friends because after taking an herbal pill his 'golf club' bigger and his wife have a silly smile on her face, the short kid who can now slam dunk with Mike's shoes, eating at Subway Sandwich Shops making Jared Lose weight, heck apartment communities showcasing their wonderous surroundings and new community homes being called Whispering Oaks or Quail Meadows (Which had these things until the community was built! lol).... the list goes on and on...

These aren't marketing schemes?

Hell, THE WORLD OF CONSUMERISM is ONE BIG marketing scheme!

521.8.2007 22:11

Well Sony every now and then comes up with some new thing and most of the time pioneers in the new and upcomminng technology.

622.8.2007 19:19


They can pioneer as long as they want as long as it is something that the consumers actually want. I'm tired of them telling me what I need to buy and ignoring what I want to buy.

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