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Lucky and Flo receive awards in Malaysia

Written by Dave Horvath @ 20 Aug 2007 8:05 User comments (11)

Lucky and Flo receive awards in Malaysia As I look over at my own dog who's only real talent comprised in his hyper-sensitive nose is the ability to accelerate faster than human reaction straight into an unsuspecting crotch, I wonder where did I go wrong. Lucky and Flo, the two famed dogs trained to sniff out the chemicals used in copying DVDs are in the spotlight in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They both have received awards from the Malaysian government for their efforts in sniffing out and crippling movie pirates during their five-month campaign.
Lucky and Flo mark a momentous occasion as being the first animals ever to receive outstanding service awards for finding discs stockpiled by pirates. The Motion Picture Association was on hand to express its gratitude. The two dogs led officials to 26 separate arrests and the seizure of over $6 million worth of illegal discs. "The dogs have proven to be a major asset in our fight against the pirates and we intend to continue what Lucky and Flo have set in motion," stated S Veerasingam, Malaysia's deputy minister for domestic trade and consumer affairs.

Malaysia has long been in the eyes of the U.S. for its rampant piracy and as such, the government stepped up its efforts to reduce piracy from that region so that it could handle its negotiations of free-trade pact with the U.S. much easier.

Lucky and Flo's success has got the Malaysian government thinking about setting up their own canine task force against piracy. The MPA, in response, stated that it plans to donate two new dogs to help their cause by the end of this year. In retaliation, movie pirating groups put a bounty of 100,000 ringgit ($28,560) on Lucky and Flo. The dogs have both been closely guarded since the threat.

So as the dogs bask in their own glory down in the South Pacific, they should sleep better on their sheepskin pillows knowing they helped make a dent in the claimed $1.2 billion loss the MPA lost last year in Asia-Pacific due to movie piracy. They'll look upon their medals and and smile happily, before resuming attempts to find pirated discs contained in other canines rectums.


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11 user comments

120.8.2007 8:14

wow thats a dog knows wat a medal is?but congrats to the mpaa for training a dog.

220.8.2007 8:24

Mmmm... Doggg.... Tasty! *Slurp*

320.8.2007 11:42

`yeah... rofl

YIPPEE for abusing animals.

420.8.2007 11:47

Originally posted by BIGnewb:
wow thats a dog knows wat a medal is?but congrats to the mpaa for training a dog.
Now if only they could train consumers the same way...

520.8.2007 16:46

better wacth out if that dog sniffs your crotch that means you have some illiagly pirated cds up in there they might have to cut it of for futher aylists wacth it

620.8.2007 16:52

If these dogs have been so successful, why haven't they trained more and implemented them across the world?

Does the MPAA really think that the future of their anti piracy campaign lies in the paws of two dogs?

720.8.2007 16:55

these dogs will be brain dead before you know it. cuase the chemys flying of those cd are higly contagios

821.8.2007 14:36

My god What the hell is the MPAA anyway?? Is it the union for actors, studios and such. The members are ok with paying how much cash to train 2 stupid dogs?? The MPAA is nothing but a joke. They better not be getting govn't cash too.
Really is pirated movies that dang bad?? Is there not something else all this money can be spent on? Drug trafficing, Arms dealing, Supposed Global Warming (lol) finding Bin Laden, stopping terrioism, teaching our youth, gangs, poverty riden neighborhoods, small 3rd world countries, AIDS riden countries, Viagra for women(they never seem horny enough), That guy on late night TV that always is asking for money for the kids that have flies all over him (hell eat the flies).
Please training dogs to sniff out DVDs. What a waste of cash. Stopping piracy, never gonna happen, soon the will be some new thing that that is "Flo and Lucky free" where thay cant detect it.
Ok I'm bored

922.8.2007 4:18

haha if you read the story:

Lucky and Flo's next stop on their crime-fighting tour is a visit to New York, followed by a trip to Toronto for an appearance at a film festival, said the MPA, which groups six major Hollywood film companies

Watch out the big apple, the dogs are on their way ....

1022.8.2007 18:41

who let the dogs out? wooo wooo

1122.8.2007 22:05

I congrats lucky and flo for their hard work. I wonder wat their reward was. Some dog food or a good juicy bone :)

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