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Sony introduces Vaio LT HD PC/TV

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 27 Aug 2007 9:10 User comments (9)

Sony introduces Vaio LT HD PC/TV On Monday, Sony introduced its first ever combo HDTV/PC that included Blu-ray.
Dubbed the Vaio LT HD PC/TV, the display is a 22-inch Widescreen "all-in-one". The system has support for CableCARD technology that will allow the user to view digital cable channels without the need for a separate cable box or DVR.

The new system is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and includes 2 gigs of RAM and a fast DVD writer. The system also comes with built in 802.11b/g and Vista Ultimate preinstalled.

Other features in the expensive system are a Digital Video Recorder, 1.3-megapixel camera and echo-canceling microphone, as well as fast switching between PC and TV functions.

"The LT model has everything you need- it's a PC and HDTV set in one breathtaking device,"
VAIO product marketing chief Mike Abary said in a statement.

The system will cost you however, $1900 USD for non Blu-ray drive and $2900 for a Blu-ray drive enabled one.


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9 user comments

127.8.2007 9:56

Once again you are paying for the "almighty" Sony name. $1000 more for a blu-ray enabed one? Screw that! I paid $600 for my DRU-100a Blu-Ray burner! Why would I pay $1,000 for a reader? I would be more apt to get a PS3 for the blu-ray... Nice try Sony....

227.8.2007 11:54

its not just a reader ;)

327.8.2007 14:05

Damn. $2900? They are really trying to suck every last dollar from the consumer.

427.8.2007 15:26

Of course they are sucking the consumer. Sony are the vampires of the tech age. Its all coming together now. We need more independent companies out there creating computers, software, and overall technology to curb this. I mean when they are advertising new computers as"you can burn Cds and DVDs" WOW! Really! I can burn media? Cool Computer! And then $1000 to burn their precious BluRay! What a load of garbage! Do the math, bluray burner+ costs of discs / capacity. I would rather buy a bunch of DVD5 spindles! Cheaper to buy another BluRay movie than burn one. What is the point of a BluRay burner!

there are too many stupid/ignorant people out there in the world. These corporations are simply playing the numbers.

527.8.2007 18:02

Sony and the others would be nothing if not for the fact that 90% of their customers are mindless sheeple.

627.8.2007 18:07

I do a lot of data backups and high-def video editing. But even if its not a reader thats still fucked up! I paid $600 for the same exact burner that they're charging $1000 for!

727.8.2007 18:13

Originally posted by Zippy84:
I do a lot of data backups and high-def video editing. But even if its not a reader thats still fucked up! I paid $600 for the same exact burner that they're charging $1000 for!
Well said.
after posting my sony bashing I realized I have a sony vaio laptop. Ha! It has been through hell and back so I cant complain. i did get it as an in store model, good price. But paying full price for a Sony product? I think not!

828.8.2007 7:08

Originally posted by c1c:

after posting my sony bashing
Good point. I may not like the way Sony does business or agree with their pricing schemes, but I use the hell out of my DRU 530a, DRU 720a, and DRU 830a burners...

92.9.2007 13:57

The only downside to this would be the fact that it is pre installed with Vista of any kind it should have just gone with XP.

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