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1 in 4 Los Angeles residents getting pirated material

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 02 Sep 2007 11:00 User comments (18)

1 in 4 Los Angeles residents getting pirated material One quarter of the population of Los Angeles County knowingly purchase, or otherwise acquired illegal goods in the last year based on a recent Gallup poll commisioned by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
One major difference between this survey and many others was the focus on consumer attitudes. According to the report, consumers who buy counterfeit goods or illegally copy CDs and DVDs feel that they're commiting victimless crimes. As P2P file sharing and bootleg movies and music from Asia become more common, the people participating in these forms of intellectual property infringement don't feel that they've really done anything wrong.

"The study confirmed what we already knew: That the buying of these products is widespread and is viewed as a victimless crime," said Caroline Joiner, executive director of the chamber's global anti-counterfeiting and piracy initiative.

Los Angeles County's 25% reported piracy rate is higher than the nationwide average of 20% found in a similar study last year.

Most of the purchases were DVDs and audio CDs, with other items including clothing bags, shoes, software, and even shampoo.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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18 user comments

12.9.2007 11:59

I have a hard time believing the truth to this because I doubt they serveyed ever person there and that even if they did, that every person would be honest about it.

22.9.2007 12:33

Counterfeit water?!


32.9.2007 12:37

haha, i'm sure the water is just tap water put in a bottle..

i download tons of movies and music, but its for my own personal use. people who sell or buy bootlegged stuff are the real losers. if i like a bands music i'll go see them live, and pay them to get it. bands make their money from live shows, not piss ass music contracts.

42.9.2007 12:47

What a laugh, I'm sure they neglect to tell you its probably around only 1000 out of 4000 people got the clue that buying some brand name things is a waste of time and only encourages the lazy products. 3000 for example still pay for those brand names and such. Thats a different perspective when you add zero's to it.

And just what is pirated water anyway? Seriously, I wanna know.. Am I too pirating "filtered water" buy using a filter on my tap water? Please keep my secrets out of the public domain... PLEASE!

Bottled water IS tap water anyway, they don't bust their ass's on a mountain river are you kidding me? They just slap the name on it. Nothing more nothing less. ITS BEEN TESTED bottled water is no better than tap, and sometimes WORSE THAN TAP (more unwanted substances).

52.9.2007 13:31

Pirating water by filter? LOL I'd tap that :-p

62.9.2007 22:45

double post sorry, i connected from very slow hotspot lol, max 1KB.s :D :D :D

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72.9.2007 22:46

Originally posted by windsong:
Counterfeit water?!

yeah there many counterfeit water sold.
the distributir itself distribute original mixed with counterfeit water.

i got two when i buy "aqua" (no expiraion date, werd seal etc), then i emailed them, aqua called me, come to my house, take the counterfeid "aqua". give me the original. and they ask me where i buy it.

and a few week later whn i buy there again there no counterfeid aqua.

phew i not drink that "countefeit water". i wonder, maybe i can get stomachache lol

and tapwateris NOT drinkable here.
its color are brown.. smell funny, taste funny,
its only drikable after you boil it at 100C, but its still taste funny
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83.9.2007 2:47

And just what is pirated water anyway?

Hey, a few people have been known to put an illegal tap pipe into water systems. It's a lot of work and usually done by those who grow marijuana plants.

People who sell or buy bootlegged stuff are the real losers.

The TV newscasts regularly show police raids at the flea markets. Most of the people caught seem to be foreigners. They usually come from 3rd World nations; where selling bootleg CDs and DVDs is not as high up on the police priority list of laws to be enforced...

93.9.2007 7:06

Maybe pirated bottle water isnt water.. maybe its something like clear pee... i dont know just a sujestion

103.9.2007 11:14

People have been procuring contraband since the beginning of time.

113.9.2007 15:20

Let me get some of that counterfeit shampoo! Ha!

123.9.2007 16:22

Hmmmm, counterfeit skyscraper... Now that would be one for the record books. OOOh, or counterfeit land... No, dirt. Wow, fake dirt...

134.9.2007 6:03

As long as the real goods have a price point well beyond that of the bootleg item, piracy will always strive.

144.9.2007 8:07

Hmmm...pirated water. The government may try to have ISP's set up water filters :-P

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154.9.2007 10:45

HA! HA! A lot of people make their own "pirated water"... They re-fill the name-brand water bottle with tap water or with water from a water cooler...

1610.9.2007 6:58

Tap water as clean as ever in India.
We drink it. NO HEATING NO Purifier.

1710.9.2007 12:23

I live in the Los Angeles area and this report is crap! No one I know is buying or getting pirated materials. When is someone going to step in and stop the FUD (Fear, mis-Understanding, and Deceit) and lies these agencies are producing in order to justify their illegal and unconstitutional actions and violation of your rights? Last time I looked this was the USA not communist China. We do have a Constitution and Bill of Rights that no one seems to remember. The DMCA is unconstitutional because it denies your right of Free Speech and Fair-Use.

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1810.9.2007 14:35

They may not feel that they are doing anything wrong but it does not answer why they are doing it.

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