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NBC TV shows to be available on Amazon's Unbox

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 04 Sep 2007 17:18 User comments (6)

NBC TV shows to be available on Amazon's Unbox NBC Universal has made a deal with to sell television show downloads on the online retailer's website.
The move comes just days after the latest round of NBC Universal's very public fight with Apple over iTunes pricing. Universal wants Apple to adopt a variable pricing model while Apple says they want to keep things as simple as possible for consumers. Last Thursday the two sides failed to come to terms on a new contract with Apple to distribute content.

Amazon's deal, which will allow them to sell downloads of NBC television shows through their Unbox download service, includes such shows as "The Office", "Heroes", and "30 Rock". The price will be the same $1.99 they sold for on iTunes.

Last week Apple claimed that a new contract from Universal would have required them to pay twice as much (wholesale) as their previous agreement, and forced them to raise prices. NBC has denied these claims since they became public last week.

Regarding the deal, Jean-Briac Perrette, president, NBC Universal Digital Distribution said "We're excited to be working with a partner that understands the wholesale and retail relationship and will work with us on creative packaging of content."

Source: Reuters

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6 user comments

14.9.2007 17:35

Its the same friggin price as it was on Itunes!!!

Wtf is nbc trying to prove anyway?? Lets move from a huge support base to one which nobody gives a **** about. Good move nbc!! That'll show those Apple bastards!!

24.9.2007 19:03

Yeah,I thought the same thing....I guess it is going to be NBC that will learn the hard way....

35.9.2007 11:16

Yeah but maybe Amazon is letting them keep a larger chunk of the 1.99 - I could see Itunes taking their piece and some of the big guys getting tired of it, asking to jack up the price so they get more, being denied, going over to Amazon, getting a better rate out of the original 1.99, etc.

45.9.2007 11:30

From iTunes to's, what a great move, considering barely anybody knows or cares about the Amazon service, how are they expecting to do anything with it in sales? But at least they proved their point....whatever it is...

55.9.2007 16:36

They got their name out there if nothing else, but they also established that they are a bunch of greedy bastards.

610.9.2007 15:46

Wow wat a big shock to the system :P they just wanted out :)

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