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iPhone sales have tripled since price drop

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 12 Sep 2007 6:58 User comments (7)

iPhone sales have tripled since price drop Gene Munster of analyst firm Piper Jaffray, is widely considered to be the definitive source for iPhone sales and according to Munster, since the price cut of the phone, sales have tripled and that almost 27000 were being sold per day.
His estimate comes from surveying of all Apple stores selling the phone.

On September 5th, Apple decided to drop the price of the 8GB model to $399 USD and to discontinue the 4GB model. After the drop, many early adopters were upset at the huge price drop but Steve Jobs swiftly offered everyone a $100 USD credit at the Apple store and offered to fully refund the price difference if you had purchased the phone within the last two weeks.

Although obviously not reported on by Apple, the new availability of free iPhone unlocking software is probably helping to attract many new buyers, those with service other than AT&T.


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7 user comments

112.9.2007 8:15

iPhone sales have tripled since price drop

Well duhh! That's a much better price for me if I ever wanted to eliminate all of the things I carry around now. Only problem is, if it breaks, I lose everything :-(

212.9.2007 13:21

As much as I dislike the iPhone and apple's latest actions,everyone here has to agree, they are making some very smart moves lately. Lowering price and offering refunds is an excellent move on their part.

312.9.2007 16:37

well yea price drop more sold common sense people.

412.9.2007 18:25

i would say the price drop double the sales, and the unlocking was responsible for the rest.

512.9.2007 20:10

This just shows that technology is overpriced. Yes, I know the more the make of them the cheaper it is to make the new ones but still. Its nice to see them offer a $100 credit, even if its just to the store.

A refund for those who bought it just before the price drop shows Apple at least knows how to take care of its customers in a sense.

I really wonder how much of this is related directly to the price drop and not to the unlocking.


613.9.2007 21:12

I like Apple's strategy. First, charge a fortune and bleed dry lots of fools who buy anything Apple makes, and then, get the "normal" consumer with the price the phone should have had from the begining.

725.9.2007 22:06

First off, I should mention that my wife and I's iPhone's were the first Apple products I'd ever bought. When, a few weeks later, the model I purchased was discontinued and the 8Gb was reduced in price significantly - I was a bit peeved. I understand that technology drops in price...but not that drastically in such a short period of time.

I'm not as impressed by the $100 rebate as many of those in the media seem to be. It's a store credit - as someone who has spent many years in retail, I know that $100 store credit equals about $10 in actual loss to Apple. In addition, my credit did not work. Apparently, there were over 7000 credits issued that also didn't work. When did I find this out? When I reached the register at my local Apple store.

I guess I'm just a bit jaded. As a musician and aspiring graphics designer, the influence of Apple's Pro line of hardware is difficult to ignore. I just hope that this entire incident was just that...and not a planned strategy.

Oh, and to all the iPhone haters...please...leave me be. I didn't "drink the Kool-Aid", I'm not "one of the sheep" or a "brand cow"...I saw a product that I liked and I purchased it. Sheesh.

p.s., Where's the YouTube widget in the pic of the iPhone above?

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