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Thailand to block more YouTube videos

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 21 Sep 2007 19:37 User comments (4)

Thailand to block more YouTube videos The government of Thailand has said that their relationship with YouTube has taken another bad turn and that they will be going to court to have two videos blocked. The government feels the videos are a threat to national security.
The videos, a two part series, run a total of 17 minutes and accuse the former Prime Minister Prem Tinsulanonda of "leading a government coup that occurred in September 2006, not the generals who claim to have headed it."

This is not the first the world has heard of such accusations, as supporters of Tinsulanonda's rivals have accused to former chief time and time again of the act.

The Thai government feels however that the videos are "confusing" to citizens and that it could cause "public unrest." The government is asking Thai ISPs to voluntarily block links to the videos while it seeks the ban in court.

YouTube declined comment so far on this latest situation.


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4 user comments

123.9.2007 2:08

It's funny to think about the video of the student getting tasered in Florida, or all the other stuff about America that's on there. All the conspiracy videos and whatnot. Hmm... not much unrest in America is there? Nope.

228.9.2007 5:47

What ever this video is representing the true fact is that people in todays world need an outlet for freedom of speech regardless.

328.9.2007 16:22

if it aint true why care?

429.5.2008 0:23

spam removed

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